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  • The CL commentary has focused on pronouncing as many names as possible. Probably because it's new and recent for FIFA 19. But the usual commentary team of Tyler and Smith haven't put any new commentary in for a couple of years now hence why so many players names are not being pronounced. It's just typical lazy EA who are…
  • I think it's also really poor there seems to be no new player commentary names....players like Holgate, Calvert Lewin, Richarlison, Tosun, Niasse and Lookman at Everton have no commentary names still. Something that may sound small but is actually important attention to detail and easy to fix. Theyr just all from one team…
  • Can somebody please help....pre ordered the ultimate edition game yesterday....paid for it.....but game download is not showing on my PS4 at all.....I have gone back onto the PS store and it says I already own the game. Does anybody know why it isn't showing on my PS4??? Only a few hours to launch and it usually displays…
  • Yep I have done this and also adjusted the strikers as far forward as poss. Adjusted wingers positions so theyr literally on the touchline and squeezed the two CMs together. Seeing how that goes but its still not solved the issues so far
  • Anything I can do to prevent it?? I have done just about everything possible
  • I have issues with wingers coming into and staying in CM and both FBs standing right next to my wingers all the time.....my CDM running wide to fill gaps and my CB constantly being out of position in a CDM role!!!!! Its ridiculous!?
  • Who is your striker though and what's his defensive work rate stat?
  • Cheers for that...will have a search and see if I can find it for a read
  • I have tried everything mate....i just think its a glitch I really do. If anyone can advise any different then happy days.
  • I will play offline mostly.....adjusting the line length means the striker is nearly always offside. Adjusting the opposition defence doesn't combat this either. I literally think I have tried everything !! Its not as bad from other camera angles but I want to use the camera angle i like which is default
  • Also I play 4-2-3-1.....with custom cam height 10 zoom 0.....not sure if it makes a difference or not. I have tried different formations but still have an issue with it. Also crosses....noone ever in the middle for them theyr always behind the ball
  • cant believe they have still not given us decent goals/nets!??? its still the same [email protected] nets we had on PS2!???
  • They said 2 years ago that the Uruguayan league was coming.....I remember reading that when they announced the Colombian and Chilean leagues. Why theres still no Uruguayan league is beyond me. I also believe at the very least there should be a lot more teams added to ROW and there should be some form of North American…
  • God knows what's happened....its really bizarre....not touched or tweaked my settings either so nothing to do with that
  • I had this problem when the game came out. And it didn't matter which white ball I used. I did find it better with any of the colored balls. I ended up changing my camera that I used from co op to default cam. And even then had to fiddle with height and zoom until I fixed it. Yet more incompetence from EA!
  • The OP is correct here tbh.....shooting and passing are so messed up on manual. Passes no matter how good you are go absolutely in the wrong direction a lot of the times. On assisted the passing is fine tbh. Shooting on any setting too much of the time it goes straight at the GK.....even with the left stick pointed to the…
  • If your finishing top of the league and also achieving All of the goals set by the board you will offered jobs with teams like Real Madrid and Chelsea/ City etc. You have to consistently meet board requirements every single season. One failed season will affect future job opportunities. Its another glitch basically cause…
  • It all depends on whether you use custom squads, default or downloaded update squads. Kieren Dowell of Everton altho 18 is on the game with default squads. But if you use customized or download updated squads he disappears
  • Not on mine they haven't!!????? Still grey and murky in certain lighting/weather
  • Again tho which cam and which level you using?
  • What skill level do you play on though and which camera do you use? I ask because I think the camera and skill level makes a difference to the amount of injuries. I use default cam height and zoom both 5 and I play legendary skill level
  • What level you play on pal and which camera angle you use?? You cant call it bad luck when your injury sliders are up to 99. I had them up to 100 but found every time a player sprinted there was a muscle tear or strain. Once you have used your three subs the players still get injured but miraculously recover to carry on…
  • I want to know the exact same thing.
  • Let me knw how you get on pal. You will probs have to tinker with it
  • I switched my formation to 5-4-1 with the four in the middle a diamond formation. I pushed the wingers in field so that the diamond was very compact. Then I pushed the full backs quite high into wing back positions. That did the trick for me. When I'm attacking I have three of the four midfielders plus the wing backs and…
  • Its been said by many that world class difficulty is actually harder than legendary this year. Think it could be a bug. I usually play legendary with full manual and found it easy as I did on FIFA 15. So I switched to WC difficulty and I can't get a look in the AI is that good. Defo a different game on WC than it is on…
  • On previous FIFA I have had 52 games in the championship instead of 46 mate.... been a bug for years has this
  • Anyone know if the camera type you use plays any part in this issue?? ie I play default cam height/zoom both 5.....just wondering if you use a different camera if it makes a difference to the amount of injuries. The game plays completely different with each different camera angle so was just wondering. Its really bugging…
  • It really annoys the hell outta me tbh. We want the stupid game to be as realistic as possible. Its been good past few years for injuries. But this has just taken it back to older FIFA games where you hardly ever saw injuries. I have had as I said both sliders on 95 and still had no injuries other than those from simming…
  • Any suggestions??
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