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  • We already know the situation with Mount, we originally held talks around a much higher, probably 200K+ minimum. Now we’ve had a U-turn and decided to restructure our wages, which is the correct choice, but it means naturally our offer has probably gotten lower. If we are offering Mount around 150K with high bonuses and he…
  • Reconstructing the wage bill is great and needs doing, but you can’t go from the sublime to the ridiculous overnight. Offering 34K a week to a player who is set to be a key player for Poch and wanted by major European clubs is downright embarrassing.
  • It’s weird despite the time and success he’s had with you I always think of Milner as a City player.
  • While on the theme of French Arsenal legends - perhaps Pires? Just more goal focused as all wingers are these days.
  • Yeah that racism take is absolutely nonsense, the guys either so ‘woke’ he’s losing the plot or so desperate to insult RainyDays he’s just outright making stuff up.
  • Very few conversations are had in complete black and white, things can be interpreted differently, especially when people are using languages that aren’t their first. What a likely bias person hears as Poch waiting for Levy to call might not be interpreted the same by someone who isn’t wanting to hear that.
  • Given that both Arsenal and Chelsea were desperate to pay 80mill for him I’m going to have to say this is a little bit nonsense - even if it has been a good call from you so far. His main issue seems to be potentially attitude/immaturity, I’m sure the ability is there(somewhere) - we have Poch now so it’s time to cross our…
  • I’m not saying it’s impossible - but I am saying a Spurs legend saying Poch proffered Spurs might be a bias take.
  • A goal every 77 minutes over a full PL in his first year, as a 22 YO, whilst also scoring 12 in 10 CL appearances - not to mention 8 PL assists. I think it’s fair to say that is anything but underwhelming - no matter how you spin it.
  • But that’s exactly what people have been saying every single FIFA’s ‘meta’ formation, they’re always defensive, with 6/7 player behind the ball and just a few left to counter, it’s always the same. At least the shape is a little different this year apposed to the usual 4231/41212(2).
  • 5ATB has been extremely successful in football over the past decade, nothing wrong with it being the META on FIFA too. It’s no worse than previous years 4231/41212(2) that were just as defensive anyway. I’m no top level player and don’t use it myself, but there’s nothing wrong with doing so.
  • The Salah/Nunez to Saka stats comparisons smacks of desperation, as pointed out Saka plays in a way less advanced position and is far less reliant on pure stats to show his contributions. And that’s from someone whose been more critical of Saka than anyone.
  • Which is a massive gamble, I would say your probably favourites for 7th next season, transfer window/manager dependant of course.
  • Depends your take on ‘better’. If by better you mean successful than United hands down, a trophy and top 4 vs just top 4. If you mean who was the better team throughout the course of the season then assuming United lose to City I would have to give it to Arsenal for at least pushing City to some extent. If United win 2…
  • Meh.
  • The fact Man City have outdone us with our outrageous transfers is unbelievable.
  • Yeah Mount is the perfect example: Option A: We give in to his 250k+ demands(assuming that’s what they are) then we’re stupid for bowing down to a player who’s out of form. Option B: We don’t give him the contract and either sell or he leaves on a free and we’re stupid for doing that.
  • He is massively behind the curve, to say otherwise is nonsense. Doesn’t mean he can’t still be a super fun card, and it doesn’t mean you can’t rack up goals with him and still have him function, but he is massively outclassed by cards that are 100K and less now if you are wanting purely performance in game.
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  • This thread is starting to feel like twitter with some of the takes and comparisons honestly.
  • No one really knows if it’s unreasonable because we don’t know what he wants and what we have offered. Although with that being said the rest of your point is way off. Enzo earns between 100-150K according to reports, Mudryk is on under 100K - those are players who were valued at 80mill or above, more than Mount is valued…
  • What exactly do you want Boehly and Co to do if Mount is asking for an unreasonable contract?
  • Chelsea Stoke Man U Man City Arsenal Spurs West Ham Everton Newcastle Leeds Fulham Palace Blackburn Middlesbrough Sunderland Liverpool Bolton QPR Swansea Villa Ranked in order of importance - QPR would take spot number 3 should they have Taarabt.
  • Wasn’t aware of the exact bet in honesty - I assumed it would’ve been similar. Sounds lovely, mind me asking where your travelling?
  • Your really riled up by Liverpools incompetence this season aren’t you?
  • I have no idea, no one does. You’ve said it yourself that Klopp fits like a glove at Liverpool due to the culture of the club being so similar to BVB. Would Klopp be able to do what Pep and other managers have done with bigger teams with potentially more complicated club ‘politics’. I don’t think Klopp will go down in…
  • Seeing Liverpool fans mocking Arsenal fans fantasy tables while posting fantasy tables of their own is pretty hilarious.
  • I wonder where Klopp goes down in history for the neutrals assuming he doesn’t win another PL/CL with Liverpool. Part of me says it’s just dumb bad luck he hasn’t achieved more, but at the same time he’s won almost nothing compared to Mou/Pep/SAF/Ancelotti. I guess the major question will be how long he stays at Liverpool…
  • Completely disagree on Gundogan, he’s a luxury player that fits City really well, I don’t think he works elsewhere in the PL.
  • In fairness he’s still going to have to abide by the bet anyway thanks to the additional clause he added himself.
  • I haven’t actually seen the challenge - but seeing marks alone without context is absolutely meaningless.

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