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  • Now no Torres. Imagine paying the same full price for a game as other consoles but only getting half of content. FIFA Legacy 20 should be $29.99
    in FB Iniesta Comment by EDDlE June 2019
  • @EA_Andy I know you’re still looking into the FB Mahrez but can you add this as well. Switch already misses out on a lot of content but at least FB sbc’s were consistent, now we don’t have those anymore either.
    in FB Iniesta Comment by EDDlE June 2019
  • Alright, i'm going to go for it, he'll be a supersub for now until I change my formation with wingers.
  • Windy City FC would be better.... Is Flashback Nani worth getting?
  • I got my players back. Thank you for the help and updates @EA_Andy
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE April 2019
  • Were the requirements for Sancho an 81 squad? then the other required no ratings just exact gold and TOTW players? I am going off of Futhead but could have been different. I did see that EA_Andy confirmed everyone received their players back but must have forgot about some Switch players. The Mid-Icon issue was a Switch…
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE April 2019
  • @EA_Andy Is it a possibility that those who completed partial of the SBC will be just given a Mid-Icon pack? I spent 120,000 coins and used 22 players so I figured it would be a bit too complex to return everything used, rather than just compensate those with the Mid-icon? Thank you for the update!
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE April 2019
  • They have to bring it back, surely. I plan on doing like 4 of them myself. It's way better value for the Switch than other platforms because of the how exorbitant the icon prices are. In addition, our only chance at extinct mid-Icons like Ronaldo, Eusebio, Ronaldinho, Best and Matthaus.
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE April 2019
  • Yeah my bad RB with 77 passing for a silver. (highest for all silvers)
  • Does anyone have Graham Zusi? dude is extinct on the Switch. I came back to playing FUT after a 2 year hiatus and used every Zusi card including his IFs in the past FIFAs for that long shot. He's always been one of my favorite US players so even with his weak pace, i'd rock him in my main side.
  • I spoke with someone from EA support on the phone yesterday. They stated the team was aware of the issue and those who completed partial of the SBC would be given a mid-icon player. No time frame given though, but I really think it should be squared away by now. It happened on Friday and we are now 5 days out.
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE April 2019
  • The only thing to do is award the random SBC Mid-Icon pack to anyone who completed at least one of the squads. I did 84, 85 rated squads, it would be impossible for them to compensate the coins used to build those squads.
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Seriously, this needs to be addressed like 8 hours ago. How can they just sit there and not even make a statement about it? What other mods can we tag? I’m definitely sliding in Cian’s DMs
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • I'm on chat right now and the advisor is telling me that i'm wrong and the "mid-icon sbc" is indeed there. Like wow you can't make this stuff up :D
    in Mid-icon SBC Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Wow!! I just seen this myself. I was just needing 87 squad to unlock and it’s gone. This is terrible, hopefully they don’t make me do it all over again and just give the icon
  • No that was Rivaldo haha
  • I was doing good with Ribery and IF Weghorst but then started getting duplicates that I had to discard for 0. Enough for me
    in 82 87 SBC Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Baggio was my favorite player as a child when I wasn't even into soccer, Italy vs Brazil final! I need him too, but i've never seen his card in the market. I can't find anything ultimate about an 82 rated player haha.. did you do any of those 82-87 SBC players? I did 13 of them using 75-77 gold fodder, best pulls were…
  • It’s hard not to overspend also, I wouldn’t want to buy a legend and not be able to sell him and at least break even. I want Rivaldo’s 87 card but 700K is a lot, I’m waiting for him to drop to 600K. The switch market is so random
  • I haven’t touched the draft at all on the switch, I heard of it being impossible to find games. I did spend $99 on FP on those limited 30 all gold all rare player packs (Fernandinho, Thiago, Boateng, Koulibaly, Mertens, Hamisk, Fabinho) were my best, It was the SBC packs that got me KDB and Sol, I remember doing some of…
    in Fut birthday Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Is there any MLS players right now you think that could get a flashback? It seems Bastian could be the only one left but they already did the SBC screamer card for him.
  • Packs for me was insane this weekend. -Kevin De Bruyne (SBC pack) -Sol Campbell Legend 87 (Premium Gold) sold for 690K -MOTM Raul Jimenez (SBC pack) Million coins from players in packs! Now just waiting for the right legend to appear in the market to buy.
    in Fut birthday Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Requirements to unlock CB Ibra?
  • Hoping for a BD Schweinsteiger card since I missed out on his SBC
  • Confirmed “Nintendo Switch™ will only have the Birthday Squad, Birthday Squad SBCs, Puzzle SBCs and the Engagement Reward.“
    in Fut birthday Comment by EDDlE March 2019
  • Perfect, I was looking for a formation that didn’t include three links for Bale. Thanks man
  • Anybody have an Bradley/Rooney/Ibra/Bale attacking team on full chem?
  • No, I insist! haha I'm new to the Switch on FIFA so I would like to know other omissions or odd ball things that the Switch has.
  • I have 73 games and 104 goals at ST but ever since I got Bradley's FB card, I've been forced to move FB Rooney to LF on 8 chem. I love Rooney as a midfielder but my attack has been kind of stagnant since the change. I put Schweinsteiger in the middle CM to link up with Kroos, so can't put Rooney or Bradley there. I think a…

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