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  • Dumfries Kane Kimmich, cant complain
  • bit l8 m8
    in Flying Stirling Comment by Dunk July 8
  • woah bro dont go thinking realism, it's EAs sport they decide the meta and how life works.
  • I did him just for his price, He's not all that clinically but his movement and speed allows my isak and messi to thrive so he links up in and out of game haha. I'd entirely depend it on what you plan to do, if he's going to be your main guy I wouldn't do it, if he's a decent link/option for others worth it.
  • It's just sourness from people who can't face the fact we get excitement from positive results and we get optimism from a specific song that literally validates everything since 1966 for the english football team. But of course people only hear " it's coming home" and assume we are just cocky loud mouths, genuinely the 3…
  • Idk whats worse, the METAs that EA create that arent relevant or a reflection of anything in real life or the shoddy pre 2005 feeling servers and connections. I'd assume this company was making peanuts not billions.
  • 60 fps aint the issue, it's 60Hz, your eyes deserve better trust nobody goes back from 120/144Hz :D
  • When you go to EA Help about their games poor connections and ask a genuine question and they ban you from the "Help" So not only do they release poorly optimised servers that are more made for 2005 not 2021, but when you ask them about it they turn a blind eye and throw bans out haha
  • Another one, 1-0 up, guy straight up leaves, match under review, i'm literally going to be cucked of elite straight away because of this absolute ❤️❤️❤️❤️ .
  • 4-1 up, guy passes around the back, rage quits. MaTcH CuRrEnTlY UnDeR ReViEw, what ❤️❤️❤️❤️ review do you need for a 4-1 scoreline when one person has left and the other hasn't left or dc'd, honestly you'd think Electronic Arts would have hired actual professionals to create games for them or something, you literally have…
  • kindly cruising 5-0 and then boom, class, 18ms game that is nothing but pure delay. RePoRt MaTcH CoNnEcTiOn qUaLiTy about as helpful and useful as EA in general.
  • Genuinely, since this point until my last 10 games it picks up again and I just cant deal with it due to delay and its loss loss loss, honestly you ❤️❤️❤️❤️ clown of a company just sell the game off and let developers with brain cells make the game.
  • anything DC related that isnt actually you cutting out is pretty much EA being bad as per
  • 5-3-2 or 5-2-1-2 are best in terms of maintaining and countering, if you can get wingbacks with insane stamina they will punish on a break. if 5-2-1-2 keep both CMs back let wingbacks go up, if 5-3-2 tell one CM to stay back let everyone else go forward, 4-3-1-2 is about overwhelming and for the most part has to open…
  • He's only half the defence though for the most part, he's not gonna do the work of 2 CBs or 4 defenders, or even 3 in a 3 CB form. When the meta is through balls and all you need to do is pop a full back there you're literally better off doing it. The game for years has been designed with meta's formulated in EAs…
  • I always base these ideas off of links, end game links especially at this point unless you have unlimited coins I think Dougie has the advantage, especially in line with the meta (Alphonso, new kimmich goretzka muller, lewangoalski ofc,)
  • It's amazing to me that, they can be so good and creative with these recyclable SBC's and player picks to get these great cards, (I mean in terms of untradeables I havent done that many but I have Ederson Dias Fofana Mount Tielemans Barnes Vardy, Courtois Pique Navas Llorente Vazquez Carrasco Mukiele and Bailey) Such good…
  • Your gameplay ironically doesn't need to be good, you whack mbappe neymar up top with their stupid body types and dribbling types that make them never lose the ball, you play fullbacks at CB and you can pretty much guarantee yourself gold in WL based off scumbaggery alone.
  • Cruising finely at 6-0 thus far in the weekend league, winning 4-2 guy DC's, I get no win still at 6-0 How in the absolute f**k can you not even put the most simplest and basic as system into the game to control and manage it properly. Why am I playing 15 minutes of a game for it to mean f**k all because of your gash…
  • Was 17-5. EA's random DCs has now denied me the chance of getting elite 3 so I've just gone into my last games instantly leaving to stop myself from wasting my own time :D
  • Another weekend of less than 20 ms games being riddled with absolute cancerous delay and pointless time wasted. Imagine basing future tournaments and events off of your garbage and pathetic servers. How can this game seriously tell me people over 7000 KM away from me are less than 20ms, I check these peoples profiles and…
  • End of the day it's a friendly why does it matter.
  • People that play like that are the ones leaning forward putting their entire concentration and effort into their lifes work of their ultimate team. They only get annoyed by it because they can't get away with what they do anymore as opposed to when you're playing as normal going forward. I play fast build up but can end…
  • damn didnt even realise this, got super lucky last week with mukiele and bailey then haha
    in WL Tots Rewards Comment by Dunk May 4
  • Their pull rates arent as high as you'd think, last week was obviously a lot easier with more cards I've done the rare player pick about 25 times and the PL Premium about the same and have only got Dias and Fofana so far (Well the saudi brazilian GK too but who counts them )
  • Got Aguero just now myself, As deadly as rooney is goalscoring wise I've always preferred him attacking from deep making those late runs into the box (Makes use of his good stamina too) If I had the patience to get Rodri I would or if you have any other preference over Ndombele for CDM get them but I'd make something like…
  • Did it for community and got harvey barnes (get in) so it's tempting
  • if you mean picks it's prem only. Hopefully Elite 2 gives me enough, you'd think in 15 possible picks I'd get son rashford bruno or kdb :(
    in WL Tots Rewards Comment by Dunk May 4
  • idk how these games have betas and demos and then still released as a bad product
  • As long as their $ comes in they will get away with whatever they please. I for one love FIFAs where 75% of the database isn't usable, and where agility and reactions mean more than all physical stats combined. Or where servers blatantly lie about the connection and latency. Or where the have a different game in the…
    in Boycott FIFA22 Comment by Dunk April 16

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