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  • Thinking of doing him. But my two CM are WW Tonali and Zidane. Pogba feels wasted as a defensive CM. And he aint better than Zidane as offensive CM.
  • You shouldnt expect getting anything back. I have a friend who got hacked a few years back. Coins gone and players sold. Happend in January and he got his stuff back May.
  • I only see people laughing at your stupidity. Maybe try your luck on the Nickelodeon forum? Better luck there finding someone that actually believes you quit games when you see a loan player, but pretty much win everything else :D :D :D
  • Game is fine, those odd hours there is no delay. I enjoy futchamps, thats 20 games a week. Rivals is the worst game mode and i fully understand why people stay in lower divisions. Ive been in elite all seasons, never packed anything usable from the rewards. People play 1 formation with everyone come back on defense. Its…
  • This is pretty much the whole problem summed up. 4231 and 4222 with half the team on stay back and the other half on "come back on defense" Combined with narrow width the middle its shut down. Ofc these people want to nerf cutbacks. They cried about conceeding trivela shots because they were not activly defending. Now…
  • Buff defending even more? Hahaha. Game literally holds your hand when defending. Only thing that works is either skillmoves or cutback. And i see threads daily to nerf both. Why dont you just go to PC buy the cheat and let AI play the entire game for you?
  • What does manual defending mean? Using jockey infront of the ball holder ? Is AI defending manually covering a passing option and using 2nd man press to cover ball holder? I would argue that AI defending is those using 4231 or 4222 and having all midfielders set on comeback on defense. Then sit with 8 players outside their…
  • WL though is not as strict. You can be 8-0 and face someone 9-5. It goes a lot of location hence why the games are smoother than in Rivals.
  • Dont know why anyone would want do use crossplay tbh in WL if you are on console. If you are on console you dont want to play PC. Possible cheaters and much better competition overall. No little kids playing. Unless you play on PS5 ofc, then you would want to play against Xbox, they are always a free win.
  • You thought full power driven corners that go to the exact same spot every time was balanced? You can still hit the ball in the box and score headers. You cant do it with the same consistency.
  • It is P2W. You pay real money in order to gamble for a chance to get players the perform better in-game. Obviouly P2W has a smaller effect on the game than skill. But in the end there is attacking AI and defensive AI on cards that are better and that perform differently without you having to control them. So having WC…
  • Im that guy that sold everything in my club to afford Ibra. Pretty much have untradables behind the power curve around Ibra. Hopefully its a mistake that will be fixed or they will have to compensate.
  • Thats odd. But maybe you play on the Nintendo Switch? xD Coz you cant play 3 games straight in Elite without seeing him in a team. And even some Pro players do run him still. Nice to see that you have great knowledge of division 3 and 4 and what goes on there. That pretty much explains everything.
  • You are calling a player that has with deadeye 99 pace, 94 shooting, 90 passing 92 dribbling and 76 physical for one dimensional? 184 cm, 4*4, one of few great left footed players and lean bodytype? And can play 4 different positions? I can see through you snowflake. Point on the doll where the Saudi Prince has touched you.
  • Yes, imagine trying to win in a competetive game mode. God damn tryhards!!
  • Yes your theory on honest players was very helpful. Its actually sad i would belieave a 12 year old kid wrote that. But suprise suprise i read your previous post and you play on PC! Going through your earlier post i also see that you are no high-level player so with your theory you are a filthy cheater. Busted by your own…
  • Haha this post is the kind of stupid you rarely see in real world but only find on internet.
  • Yeah the state of the servers/gameplay is awful.
    in SERVERS Comment by Dronegan January 13
  • It totally is though. The corner tactic before was to use a corner taker with under 84 in shotpower and hit the ball on the first post. Now you use someone with 90+´shotpower and hit the ball to the penaltykick spot. If you have someone like CR7 or Giroud they have a good chance on scoring directly unless you got a monster…
  • No difference what so ever. Servers are still ❤️❤️❤️❤️. People still play defensive and let the AI defend for them. Was expecting a buff to manual defending but nah. so all you that rely on AI playing 75% of the game for you can be happy.
  • Yeah matchmaking has nothing to do with the team. I constantly have the worst team in Elite and i have a 2,5million coin squad, but its nothing compared to some teams i face. Obviously the team does mather when matchmaking is skillbased and can be deciding on who wins a close game. That does ocasionally happen, but it…
  • 100% of the players in this community are sweaty. Dont fool your self thinking you are not. The only difference between you and them is that you lose more games.
  • You can have a decent meta team within a week. Lots of cheap SBC and special card at fodder price. If you are running a regular gold team after a month you not playing the menus to its full potential.
  • I had Guendouzi also that i switched out for Tonali. Their cards look similiar but Tonali does everything better and feels much smoother on the ball
  • Nah not confirmed. But predicted as a possible Centurion. But IMO Tonali is well worth 10 tokens. But then again if you want to do Zidane or Jairzinho and need the fodder you can consider getting packs for all your tokens instead. I did Tonali + the 85x10 pack.
  • Tonali is good. If you have done Vieira then take the packs. If you have skipped Vieira then take Tonali. Im not saying Tonali is as good as Vieira, but Tonali has a presence on the midfield. You notice him and good AI. Also good link to future promo Ibrahimovic if you plan on getting him.
  • Play him as LCM with "get forward" instructions next to Tonali. All goals except one scored outside the box. His finesse and outside foot shots are amazing. Free goals against all you PTB users :D Doesnt mather how far away if your opponent gives you space just hit it.
  • So what you are saying is if im through on goal from half the pitch and get sacked by a slide tackle by the last man its a yellow coz he tryed to play the ball? Like clearly you have no clue what you are talking about. The rule you are talking about is in the penalty box. If opponent is playing on the ball its just a…
  • Imagine actually holding the company EA responsible for not being able to detect cheats. Imagine holding EA responsible that we dont have a easy way to report cheaters in-game even though it has been around for years. If you cant think better than an 8 year old kid, the shut up, stop crying and turn crossplay off. Like you…

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