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  • Same here, submitted the first part of Immobile then kicked from app, typical.
  • I stand Corrected, good luck everyone.
  • the goalkeeper, typical.
  • If he plays If he plays a lm as striker in a 4411 with no links he would have 1 chem and would still be broken, that was what I was trying to say :D
  • Not happening, the market price for the players is just to high, you would have to price it at about 500k and that means there will be big winners and losers, its better not to do it as less grief from the player base.
  • Play him as your main striker, even on 1 chem he will be far better than whoever you are using, if you make him a RF (he will have 7 chem if you link him with anyone) you will have your endgame striker, there will only be a couple of better cards, he is better than all the Icons.
  • Look at how often people moan about team of the weak when the top leagues aren't playing, apart from a rare few most totw players from lower leagues are going for discard prices, when tots comes around and they do the world players, most people moan if they pull one and call it fodder or say they put them in the garrenteed…
  • But Benzema did get a totw last week and that was the only recent time he was expected to get one, I cannot think of a time recently where he was predicted to and missed out... He was always going to struggle to get another inform as E.A will not want to give him a 98-99 card for tots, which if he got another inform he…
  • I did Benzema as I could just use fodder, and will be a great 94 to use for a tots sbc in a few months if I didn't like him, only used him in 4 games of squad battles on legendary, he plays a lot deeper than most strikers but makes great late runs into the box, scored 11 in 4 so far which is great as using a average first…
  • I'm not really moaning, I am well aware I am not fifas desired customer as I don't like playing online, that's my choice, I have 5 tokens already, need 6 for Overmars and I will grit my teeth and do it over a month, It can be done slowly. I just dislike it when people want to take my preferred way of playing away because…
  • Total opposite view, I have no desire to play against a real person.
  • I would rather play squad battles than rivals, i'm dreading the score in 15 rivals games with first owned players, the players is not the problem, its the fact i play the absolute minimum rivals matches i can, I hate playing online, I have won 33 games out of 55 this fifa, I hate it. This year there has been 1 player…
  • Lenget, the 85 French Barça defender, that's ok, opened 36 packs tonight, best was aguaro in my first pack, 2 85s 3 totw both goalkeepers and a 75, lots of dupes and that's another promo over for me, may do a few sbcs for packs but not expecting anything.
  • Did not count for me either.
  • Wow, OK totally different method to mine, but if it works, it works! Never would have thought of doing it your was but I will give it a try, seems there are a few working methods for headers this year then. Still stupidity overcomplicated though. Should just be cross and shoot like a volley, if you have got both crosser…
  • Non as the season ends on Friday
  • Ok, I tried to explain the best way I have found to score headers, I use Lukaku and Ibra upfront, both nif both hawk chemistry, in a 4-1-2-1-2 wide formation, on the right I have otw Hakimi converted to a RW but basic chemistry, on the left Insigne again nif on basic I can score crosses with these players by timing it, you…
  • I have found with headers the most important thing is to time your jump, to early or late and you will miss, you have to wait until the ball is in the air and nearly at your player, if you press shoot just after you press cross you will miss every time.
  • Probably wants to much money for his licenseing rights, usually when a obvious icon is not in the game it comes down to money, EA will have a formula for working out how much to spend on each players licensing, probably based on how many more sales it will get from that player being in the game, if Ally Mcoist was…
  • he will settle at about 800k i think if he doesn't get a upgrade, his 89 is about 450k on Xbox that's what I'm basing it on.
  • Yes pes has to pay the Ghana team to use them!!! That's what licencing means, PES offered a amount, Ghana accepted and Fifa did not want to match it or exceed it, therefor they cannot use it, with all of the countries you mentioned pes offered more than fifa were willing to pay, you only have to match it to use it as well,…
  • It's not that hapining though... Replacing either with Bruno is going to mess up your defence, he simply will not get back into a defensive position as fast, because of this one of your defenders comes forward to compensate, your whole defensive line is now completely different to what you are use to, they will not…
  • Rb Vela I'm ok with that, could have been a lot worse and it improves my first owned mls team.
  • The problem is how much to reward, enough to make you think its worth the time to do, but not to much or else the casual player can't catch up... The problem with FIFA is it needs the casual players, if it loses the casual base the game dies, simple. I am a division 5 player, I play 3-4 games everyday, I don't play W/L I…
  • I find my series X version "smoother" for want of a better word, it's just more fluid and better to play, I mainly play squad battles, silver lounge and occasionally rivals division 5, to me it's a improvement. At my level in division 5 squads I'm facing are no different on series X than they are on the normal Xbox one, I…
  • It was clearly stated when swaps 1 would run out, it had a countdown above everything you could get, nowhere was it implied swaps would carry over, I have no idea why you though it would?
  • En-Nesyri POTM and nif Suaraz it works surprisingly well.
  • It searches for anyone, there is no way to search for just manual players, you are just putting yourself at a disadvantage before you start to be honest.
  • players in packs never upgrade because of something you as a player can do, it would make selling the card to difficult, if you had upgraded the card when you want to sell it, are you selling the base card or the upgraded?, if the upgraded then everyone would buy the base and upgrade it for massive profit, if it downgraded…
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