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  • Because we want it to change, just because we won't buy doesn't mean we can't argue for change on the forums. I said the same last yeah "I won't buy it" guess what? I didn't buy it. So don't assume everyone on here who says they won't buy it will buy it because that's just your guess work.
  • What amazes me is how they fool people year after year into buying the same game, the main focus is FUT we all know that but people play other game modes also and should have teams working on these parts of the game. I normally play pro clubs, it's been the same for as long as I can remember probably 5 or 6 years, I got a…
  • Still the same gameplay as last time, nothing has changed it seems, ok if you are happy with a new hairstyle maybe then you will buy it with a smile. I got a refund on it last year and this year I won't buy it at all, same old story of them ignoring pro clubs gameplay and put in a few gimmicks which people will fall for…
  • Same old rehash, they have put a spin on it and it's called "NEW" I'm going to laugh at how many people they have got fooled with this because there isn't any real changes to the game mode.
  • Nothing has changed (what a surprise) it has been re branded as "new" traits. The main gameplay looks as though it is unchanged. They mentioned player heights and weight, these are already in the game but they say "new" this hoodwinking doesn't work on me I'm afraid. If you are happy with maybe new cosmetics then your…
  • I do just that but people shouldn't have to.
  • Pretty poor from what I read, same old things that have been stated as "new" traits. Maybe few cosmetics etc but that's it. In terms of gameplay everything seems to be the same.
  • Any news yet on pro clubs? It's getting closer to the end of the month.
  • Improve pro clubs, that's all you have to do for me to win me over, forget UT. Same pro clubs? Won't buy. Big change in pro clubs, buy day 1 simple as that.
  • Pro clubs should be similar to Ultimate Team that's how you get more people to play it because lets face it that is the most played mode or most popular. They should have a system similar to that where each one of us picks a position like CAM and we have our own player card like UT. We can then list ourselves on the market…
  • After the last Fifa absolutely not. I normally play pro clubs the most and with nothing changing I sent my Fifa 19 back 1 week after buying it, luckily I got a refund. I won't make the same mistake this year, I won't be buying until I know what it is like from other people. If it's the same old then I won't be buying it.…
  • Will I be buying it this year? Absolutely not. When I bought it last year nothing changed, I was lucky to get a refund on it and I must say I haven't missed it one bit. I will wait until released, if they have changed it I will buy it, if it is the same as the past 3 or 4 years I will not be buying it at all. People will…
  • If you are hoping for EA to change direction and change the mechanics of the game you are going to be disappointed. They've already said in an article that they hear alot of the community do not like it but they are sticking with the current system. I've skipped this year and depending on what next year plays like I might…
  • What isn't broken mate? This year the game is really bad, never thought it could get much worse to be honest. I was expecting bugs near the beginning but nothing like the mechanics they have in game right now. With them not changing course I decided to send my game back, I just couldn't stand it anymore and knew I wouldn't…
  • You mean you should all get your money back like I did. Won't be pre ordering next year that's for sure. Very poor game this year, never imagined it would be so bad, bugs yes but not the mechanics of the game, terrible.
  • Liked the demo but nothing like it now. They dramatically changed it on full release. I think this is the worst Fifa there has been, I really do. You have to remember also the game has gone from £39 to £49, not acceptable in it's current form.
  • The simple solution is don't buy the game anymore. The more they do these things they are only driving away their customers. I guarantee I'm not the only 1 to send the game back or not buy it anymore, people are waking up to what EA are doing.
  • It looks that way mate, does it surprise you? Not me.
    in Ban? Comment by DannyUK October 2018
  • I've not played clubs for more than 2 days this year, absolute rubbish. If it's anything like previous clubs though the AI clubs improves as you win more games but it's still not at an acceptable level for the price of the game. They've really ruined the whole game this year that's for sure. Get into Red Dead Redemption…
  • Worse Fifa in years or that I can remember. Pro Clubs is never updated, I don't think it will even be in the game next year or year after. They should be doing more on next gen consoles considering they scrapped it for PS3. Certainly not worth £50 that's for sure. I won't be pre ordering next year, never played clubs long…
  • Demo was good when I first played it but they changed it drastically on full release. Just don't pre order next year and wait to see what it's like, anything like this year I won't be touching it at all.
  • Don't make the same mistake next year, I know I won't.
  • I got mine on disk, sent it back due to it not working how it should. I feel your pain though with the game, it's crap how EA treat their customers.
  • Me to, pre ordered RDR when I sent Fifa back. Can't wait to play it and Fifa will be a distant memory. The demo I thought was great, was expecting Fifa to play so much better this year but when it was finally released I'm wondering what the hell have they done to it? The best Fifa i've played for me was Fifa 15. Next year…
  • I gave up on Fifa 19 2 days into it, sent my copy back and got a refund. There is no way I was going to pay £50 for something that's worse than last years game. I expect it to be alot more quiet past Friday since Red Dead Redemption 2 is out and that's where my £50 ended up going, much more worth it.
  • EA just doesn't want people to share the honest views of the game. They will ban you for saying it how it is which is pathetic really. I sent my copy of the game back for a refund, if you don't like the game you should do the same.
  • At the moment things couldn't get any worse.
  • I'm sorry to upset you but that's just my opinion. Coming from a hooligan I'd expect nothing else.
  • The death of Fifa this year, never expected it to be so bad. I may as well have flushed £50 down the toilet, if I could get a refund I'd do it right now.

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