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  • Great start to a story. Also will take a while to settle in so that guarentees some realistic results. But honestly, any manager losing 7-0 is out whether it's his 3rd game or 300th...
  • Indeed. It didn't show, maybe it was downloading the game: it's there now. LOL, in theory I could send Ten Hag back to Ajax :trollface: A tingling sensation, like an angel peeing on your tongue :sweat_smile:
  • Don't know if it is a download thing, but my EA Play shows no game at all, not even 21 and 22 which are installed.
  • In that case Düsseldorf is most logical, I'd say. Reus has always stayed close to home (Dortmund)
  • This club legend starting at Dortmund II by any chance?
  • as per real Ajax pre-season, this year -
  • It's up already!? I can start putting up introductionairy posts: YAY!!
  • Sorry, I miscalculated: too much work and parenting on my plate. I played well into the 23/24 season, but I'm not going to get this to a satisfying end. Again: lack of pace caught me, I really need to learn to take it in heaps (months), such is the current trend. I'll be there again during the early access of FIFA23, most…
  • Denmark v Netherlands, alrighty!....
  • Alright, back from holiday. Let's pick it up and make a rush towards the end of the year, then the end of the season. If we time it right, we'll flow right over to FIFA23.
  • Ajax out and PSV through #nightmare 2029 could become the (calendar) year you could win it all and remain undefeated: Clubs -for some reason- like to calculate it on the base of calendar year, not seasons.
  • I have Octavian Popescu as well at Ajax. Great winger at a young age! But frankly, I'd say you're overcrowded on the wings: hard job to keep Sulemana, De La Vega, Antony and Popescu all satisfied.
  • @JDB44 @Steffolovitch is Morten Hjulmand related to the national coach of Denmark?
  • I'm actually on holiday in my native Netherlands right now - which is why I am a little less active; Heracles crushed ADO Den Haag 4:0 in the opening game of Eerste Divisie (2nd tier). @JDB44 suggestion for your CMS - I used to do it like this: even though every game of FIFA starts in the actual current season, my virtual…
  • Exactly, it's possible to swing it in tiny newsbits. And that doesn't take a lot of effort to make nor to read, it still gives license to turn towards a story with more fantasy. If Heracles did everything picture perfect, it could make it into the Conference League, or Europa League via an extraordinary cup run. But, you…
  • You can make it realistic, if you stick to certain restrictions. Nothing wrong with fantasizing, but if it does get better than realistically speaking, give it an original twist: it's called Career Mode STORIES for a reason...
  • By the way, if anybody is interested in interesting football-biographies (on film), check out The Black Meteor about Steve Mokone: the first foreign player in professional Dutch football and also the first player of colour, by signing in 1957 at then 2nd Division team (3rd tier) Heracles. Later Mokone would sign for…
  • I find it important to stay somewhat true to the traditions, culture and characteristics of a club. Because that also defines how big your achievement is: if they (Heracles) finish top half of the table, even sticking to their traditional things: that would be a major achievement. But, if they would suddenly abandon their…
  • When European Cup football changed into a league-tournament format with the introduction of Champions League in 1992-1993, the element of surprise that knock-out football holds disappeared. And this was hardest for big teams from smaller countries. Over one or two individual games, a smaller team could surprise a bigger…
  • Very challenging club. They have a reputation of 'going Dutch' (as in: they're cheap, allergic to spending money) They have a tradition to never sign (and keep) players for more than two seasons. So, the erratic transfer system of FIFA22 actually fits this team. For the small club that they are, they have very good…
  • Curious what team you'd choose. If you need info on perspective and characteristics to see which team would fit you best, let me know
  • A poor start: no community shield and -though undefeated- already four points down on the leader. Tough draw in Champions League too. Nice to see KV Mechelen there, they were a powerhouse of Belgian football in the mid to late 1980s, frustrating Ajax in a European Cup Winner's Cup final in 1988.
  • I'm shocked Legia is going so well. And as somebody living in Kraków, the Warsaw team are the big adversary. So crush them in your home game!
  • 51/100 is not bad at all for Burnley's standards. But if that line continues, would you say Kompany's future is tied to Burnley's after this season? What if an attractive team came along soon?
  • How can you be at six points in UEFA European Conference League, when you win one and lose the other?
  • Overall good results, but sometimes there's this odd one in between like the home defeat to Brighton.
  • I get it, but the point is to limit the ability of 'money just buying whatever, whenever' and to spread football across Europe's urban areas more evenly. Talents like Sancho and Bellingham moved away, because 'money buying whatever, whenever' blocked their development. If teams are motivated to increase the share of home…
  • I'd WISH Antony would stay that long at Ajax.. :smiley: Only 5 Italians, ey? That's funny: in real life, Ajax signed their first Italian ever. So, in order to emulate, I have my eye on an Italian left back who happens to be transfer free in my CM and he would then become my first ever Italian at Ajax.

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