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  • If we go anywhere near that price it’s a bad signing. With a year left on his contract and coming off a terrible season we shouldn’t be going over 50mil total tbh. Especially for a midfielder that had arguably his best season when playing as a RW while we are likely signing him to play in the Eriksen role.
  • I think Malacia is fine as back up Lb we also have Fernandez who had a good loan spell at Preston that could stick around potentially
  • Outside of a striker this is the signing I want the most. We have seen how our level has dropped when we our missing our CBs so having a 3rd top class one would improve our defence massively. It also means we don’t have to use Shaw at cb which helps our attack as he is far better offensively than Malacia He is available…
  • I think Elanga definitely leaves not sure whether a loan or permanent tho. And I think Pellistri goes on loan to hopefully have a similar spell like Diallo. Just needs to go somewhere he can play every week and I think he will show he is a good player
  • I’m not too keen on Neves personally. Not entirely sure how he would fit in our squad. Would he start over Eriksen? Not entirely sure what role he is best at. But I haven’t watched tons of wolves games this year
  • Im all for singing him. Especially if it costs only £10mil
  • Agreed completely here.
  • Hope we steer well clear of Martinez. Won’t be anywhere near worth the money
  • None that I’m really aware of with the potential to be a top level keeper.
  • I think it shows that clearly there are some major issues still in the scouting/recruitment department, hence ETH sort of having to rely more on players he has some knowledge about already. I wouldn’t be surprised if part of the issue is to do with the takeover and the glazers not authorising too many new people in the…
  • I didn’t mean for him to come in and start straight away. This is me under the assumption DDG is likely to be our starter next year. In which case signing a promising younger keeper wouldn’t be a bad idea. He could play the cup games and maybe some European games to develop before potentially becoming number 1. If ETH…
  • Would be all for signing a GK like this if the price isn’t too high. The current options of more established GKs aren’t too amazing so why not take a bit of a pint on a younger promising guy.
  • Yeah no way he wouldn’t go for at least £35 mil.
  • That tends to happen with release clauses. It’s a lot harder to pay the 40mil in one lump sum. Easier to pay 50 over 3/4 years
  • I imagine that must have something to do with a better payment structure as otherwise it would be quite stupid. Would be a good start to the summer window however if we can get him
  • Under the assumption we can spend about £100mil plus any sales along with the fact we still need multiple signings before we can compete for a title instead of splashing it all on a Kane if probably rather our summer look something like the this: Outs Henderson - 15/20m Maguire - 15/20m AWB - 15/20m Elanga - 10m maybe less…
  • Those 3 and Maddison I’d be happy to have. Assuming the prices were reasonable anyways.
  • Also taking from what I think @Thefranchise92 has said previously we should really be taking a look at players from the teams that go down. Lavia would be an excellent signing I think for our midfield. Has looked pretty good in the games I’ve seen and is very young. Would be the ideal sort of midfield signing I think we…
  • I wonder if Brentford would be interested in a swap deal of Raya for Henderson. Could be a good easy way to deal with the GK situation if they were.
  • I think Elanga goes hopefully permanently. Pellistri I think will go on loan with Amad being given a shot in the squad as he has done well on loan at Middlesbrough. Williams, Tuanzebe, Maguire, Hendo and Mctominay all go I think. I’d say Mctominay is the least likely of the lot tho but hopefully he is gone. The rest of…
  • I hope we give Mainoo and Iqbal chances next year in cups or they need to be loaned out to get proper game time somewhere. Both seem to have decent potential from what I’ve seen but they need game time to develop properly.
  • One thing we do probably need to start looking at is some homegrown players. With the players that are expected to try be moved on in Maguire, McTominay, Henderson, AWB we could find ourselves a little short on that HG front. I guess if we were to sign Raya as our GK that would help there quite a bit
  • I feel like if we brought Sabitzer on instead of Fred we might have won that game. Fred gave the ball away non stop the minute he came on. Just was inviting pressure on to us
  • Yeah that’s what I imagine was the case. I feel we are now likely to move away from the Ajax/Dutch only signings somewhat.
  • I wonder if that as a strategy will continue or not. As based on what Ragnick was saying while he was here and report over the last year or so out scouting department was a shambles. So I wonder if last summer was more a case of ETH relying on his own knowledge as he didn’t have faith in the scouts.
  • In that case you are probably right. I can’t say I watched too much of his Ajax team. I think this year we have looked better when the fullbacks overlap personally. However as said when the inverted options are AWB and Malacia they aren’t ever going to be top quality at that
  • I agree we need signings in most of those position. But I’m not sure on the inverted full backs. Based off the links to Frimpong who I thought was more of a stay wide option anyways. I feel like we only use the inverted fullbacks when playing Malacia and AWB probably because ETH knows they aren’t good overlap threats.…
  • I believe there were reports at one point for around the £30m which does sound pretty mental tbf.
  • I’d imagine HG is one of the reasons yeah.
  • I think there’s a very good chance Newcastle sign McTominay. There seem to have been a lot of rumours about them wanting him and Tierney in the summer.
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