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  • I’ve hopped on for first time in few months this morning and it’s all it seems to be
  • Haha am still at work bro doesn’t start until 4PM for me 😉
  • This still hasn’t been fixed btw lol, classic EA
  • That’ll be it then mate, got him in there. I guess I’ll just have to wait until EA fix it then - what a bizarre glitch! Was buzzing to use Cole as well lol
  • Think it’s more an annoyance on Pro Clubs to be fair as grief44 mentioned you can watch after the game but on clubs you’ve got a timer going down haha
  • Ah really? I’ve had next to no input delay on it so far. Yeah there’s a lot of profit to be made playing it early doors.
  • I agree with that, I didn't think they were particularly OP last year like some say they were. I'd much rather the keeper actually make some saves
  • I've played against pretty much all the top tier goalies in the draft and they all struggle to save anything, low-drivens were great last year but this year they're bordering on broken, I don't think I've missed the flop they do from really slow downward headers seems to affect most keepers
  • Tbh it is quite fun until you're on the receiving end of it! I think the fact we're all adjusting to the defending plays a part too mind
  • Ideal, yeah I have a feeling you have to login either on the web or console for it to work! I'll try it anyway
  • Online if you consider yourself a quality player! After playing and winning the draft several times in the Closed Beta I can vouch that rewards are significantly better this year for winning the four games. I received decent packs + an amount of coins each time I won it. This kind of rewards was as rare as rocking horse…
  • I kinda agree with some parts of attacking being a bit too strong at the moment. Triangle through balls are extremely accurate atm and don't require much skill to use, although last year they were pretty bad because the AI automatically intercepted most balls.
  • I wouldn't say defence is lowered, it's just changed a little. It'll take some time to adjust but once people learn not to dive in/rely on the AI it will be fine. Definitely agree with certain parts of offence being less assisted, low passing should be on Semi by default, it's always been far to easy to knock the ball…
  • That last sentence hits the nail on the head. So many people are used to rushing into tackles, knowing that the pace of their defender would normally save them if they ended up out of position. This simply won't happen this year with players moving much more realistically and feeling like they can't turn stupidly fast to…
  • Is that their reasoning "it's too difficult to read the play"? Bloody hell. Hopefully they're just forced to adjust so we don't end up with over-powered AI defending for everyone.
  • Personally enjoy the 'beef', think it's quite refreshing to see players not sucking up to each other. It will only become a problem if it begins to affects results
  • Yeah I agree, even got skinned by the AI a few times with a Cruyff haha. I was lucky enough to have access to the beta and it was still extremely effective, think the fake shot always will be because the majority of online players just press too hard without thinking
  • Hold R1 and move the left stick the opposite way your player is facing, you can then either flick the left stick left, right, forwards or continue all the way backwards. Tbh you don't see many people using it, but it's pretty simple and effective! Hope that helps ya
  • Yeah there's so much variation with the fake shot now! That Cruyff turn animation is class. Plus the ability to now change the way the player is facing after a fake shot stop is v welcome
  • Think the gameplay is fantastic so far, hoping for more of the same come release. Those bloody nets need sorting out though, looks like the ball is hitting a wall when it's the back of it.
  • Totally agree, I won the draft over 100 times last year and only received coins + packs rewards twice (typically 45k + 50k pack). However, it does look like the rewards have gotten better. I played the beta and won the draft three times, each time receiving coins + packs. Fingers crossed it's the same for the final build!
  • Sad to see no Casemiro or Asensio in the demo, any news on those two for release? Wouldn't mind seeing a few haircut changes too, Salah, Isco, Baines etc
  • Your username is gold, BIG UP JOEY DIAZ
  • My nickname is Chick so gotta roll with the New York Chicks
  • Don't do this mate, crossing mechanics have completely changed. L1 + Lob Pass button will now do a high cross, where it goes in the box depends on how long you hold the Lob Pass button down. R1 + Lob Pass button has replaced the triple tap cross (low driven cross).
  • Tele Broadcast Height: 20 Zoom: 0 That's my preference, like you said, you can see the whole pitch and way more potential passing lanes that would be more difficult to see in the default angle
  • Don't have a photo but I handed in GK: SBC Buffon RB: Hysaj CB: TOTS De Vrij CB: TOTS Caldara LB: Alex Sandro CDM: TOTS Biglia RM: TOTS Callejon LM: OTW Pjanic CAM: REWARD 91 Stindl ST: REWARD 88 Jonas ST: SBC Higuain Played over 250 games with normal gold Totti so had no issue handing in those lot for the 96.
  • PS4 and it cost me about 200k, used loads of SBC's/Rewards, TOTS etc that were in my club

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