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  • Issue Summary: Game keeps windowing and dropping me from game Issue Details: At any time for no reason the game drops from fullscreen and kicks me from the game i am in. Game Mode:Pro Clubs Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One/PS4/PS3/PC): PC Region: Europe …
  • So what's happening then EA?? What compensation do we get for wasting time playing a game that was not working correctly? I have now played over 100 games since i lost my 88 CB stats and im still not back where i was. And don't even think about offe…
  • I swear if EA offer me FUT money or packs as compensation i will lose the plot. This is the second year that FIFA has been released with bugs (Last year was unable to edit Pro) and it is just not good enough. There are now 111 pages of the same post…
  • Issue Summary: Pro Clubs stats reset Issue Details: All my stats as a 86 CB have been reset. WTF is going on? 82 pages of this **** and no response? Not good enough EA Game Mode: Pro Clubs Platform (Xbox 360/Xbox One / PS4 / PS3/PC): PC Region: Euro…
  • Having spent that last few weeks leveling up my CB i was almost at 87 and now all my stats are reset. WTF EA it's taken me alot of hard work to get this far. Do i get my progress back or what? I am on PC and i am not happy!!!
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