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  • Interesting. Never crossed my mind that it may be better than the 87 x 10. Futbin has it at 12k a shot, with 87 x 10 at 222k. I think there is no issue getting 10 x > 87 in 19 tries, but not sure if will be as many high 90 rateds as the pack :/
  • Spent about 1.4m and 6 hours completing the SBC LOL Started off with around 30-40 fodder cards But finally done him (completed Kante along the way as well)... R9 was my my fave player growing up. Why it took so long was because I was doing the 87 x 10s for fodder to help some what, but not sure if that was worth the time…
  • 9 - Value for money. No FIFA points and yet managed to build one of my best squads ever. Unless EA go back to pre-FIFA20 generosity, will unlikely to ever get such a squad again. 7 - Engagement. Started off slow, due to other commitments. But now that its a relatively lull period, have been rather hooked since June/July. 5…
  • I feel this so much. I really don’t get why too. Its literally the end of the game, why can’t people just have fun with the trams they’ve grinded all year to build. People are still allowing their players to twitch for f all, time wasting, going for WLPlus requirements, or playing 4-3-1-2 when they dont even know why - all…
  • 14-8. Don’t plan to try on for G2. Rather use the time on the game on 87x10 or something. Nowadays its really now about getting G3 as fast as possible for me. Times like these I wish I was good enough to get that in less than 17/18 games. Anyway just had a random thought about how disgusting high pressure CTs are. Not sure…
  • 13-8. Just here to re-express my frustration at abusers. Just played a game where fella’s players was spazzing every dribble. Poor Mbappe and Neymar, hope they recover soon. Worse part was however he just time wasted everytime he got back the lead. I conceded early in ET to some mad throughball from kickoff and he just…
  • 9-7 worse start in recent times. This week is hard… Just lost two back to back in extra time :/
  • Know I’m going on a rant here, but you know you’re in for hell when after kick off fella goes and just spams skill moves in his own half. F this circus
  • 4-3. This weekend is so painful to play. Everyone’s players are spazzing and seem to need to take some super big turn as their first touch… not sure if football game or circus
  • Great work mate, may that G1 come this weekend!
  • 1-1. Really regret registering this weekend - it gets more toxic each week… Just lost to one of those whose players suffer from spasms - no one dribble completed from him during which his player did not twitch some fcing skill move…
  • Done 20. Nothing noteworthy to report lol.
  • Ten tries. About ~20k an attempt Have kept: Kane Lukaku Benzema Chilwell Sancho Paredes Wijnaldum De Ligt Isak Chiesa Laporte Neuer Navas AWB Klostermann Orisic As many have said, it is really good if you’re trying to build up to your main team. But for those just doing it to stock up fodder - I’m really still on the fence…
  • Was just making the point that they can be so generous because some of us, like me, won’t be getting anything good from the Ultimate Pack…
  • They actually can. i got nothing but the 85 TOTS CB from Bolton…
  • Yeah. Wasn’t taking a shot. To each his/her own. Glad its going well for you mate. Was making an observation as would only doing it for fodder
  • 30 players from about 30 cycles? :/ from a fodder perspective (though granted not everyone i looking at it from that angle) seems a bit too much effort?
  • Another scummy move. They probably didn’t want people to have a free good pack just when Team 3 dropped. Likely to see it sometime this week or weekend, with “hype” coming down somewhat.
  • Second. In particular, curious as to whether with the now 5 squad requirement you end up using almost 10 most of the time?
  • Thanks mate. Would you end up using all 10 most of the time? If thats so then not sure it is for me, bc yeah apart from trying to hit FO SS CR7, been only thinking abt this as a way to stock Fodder in hope of R97 :/
  • Congrats mate. Incredibly jealous. Been thinking about doing the same because I really want a First Owner SS CR7... How are you "recycling" them mate? Are you using the low 87-90s and then filling it up with high-70s to low-80s players? Or just buying each squad from scratch, since you have the coins?
  • I actually saw your post of your two teams on another thread and it looks really good. Pity I'll never get to a position where I'm able to BUY all of them (rather than counting on EA to release SBC, as I have with Gullit, Big Pat, Capita, etc.) Another R10 shout from you too! Would you say I don't have to replace anyone…
  • Another R10 shout! Who would you suggest I replace him with?
  • You selling Chiellinis? Joking. My chemistry is actually at 100. I'm one of those who just can't stand tema chem not being maxed out. I've also made sure that those who are off-chem are not too adversely affected; hence, Florenzi and Acuna > Gullit or Vieira off chem. I'd have to admit Carlos Alberto off-chem is giving me…
  • Sounds good mate. Who are you enjoying most?
  • Hmm you reckon it’ll be worth it? Its so unlike the 85 x 10. An additional squad and its all min 80 rated. Will have to buy a lot of stuff off the market. At 220k a pop, will it be worth it as compared to buying fodder off the market if a R97 even does come? A top fodder 96 Oblak is 35k and one can get 90 rateds for 15k :/
  • Tbvh, I think my enjoyment is indeed limited by my gameplay abilities. Wish I was better to be able to use these players more appropriately. Use of the team aside, the “Ultimate Team” aspect has always been it for me; so, just thought to get some ideas on whether you guys had any suggestions! I now better see what you mean…
  • So many shouts for Ronaldinho! Thought about that but not sure where to put him. Who would you guys replace for him?
  • Tbh, the gruelling part about WL is the time it takes. So, you managing to clear all games in a sitting, getting to play with one of your fave players, and having points back all at once is a win in my book! Gluck on idk... Varane? Not sure how else to improve on your team haha
  • *ignores any mention of Owen* Defo. I still struggle to get the Lampard-Gerrard debate. For me, top 2 midfielders in the PL era is defo Stevie and Big Pat. Also, while I'm on this thread, just need to put it out here that I took a 1.1 mil loss on Vieira haha, but hope you're enjoying him mate HAHA
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