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  • Now i want to share my 4321 team with you after playing like 200 games with it! Yesterday i played my first division game after a month and a a few weeks (Div 3) and won the title in division 3 & 2 at the first try. This squad makes so much fun to play - i think i finished one of the teams i wanted in FIFA 16. The only…
  • Looks good! Iam working also on something like this but without the database with players, squad builders, .... Just something different and in german. Maybe we can talk a little bit and exchange some information ;)
    in Futclan Comment by Cerkue December 2015
  • This is one of the cards im most excited about! He got 4 goals and 7 assists in 15 games at the age of 19 at one of the best team atm! Also hoping for a 4* skills upgrade and this card will be expensive as balls... I will pay every price for this card. The Silver Loung will go crazy :D Beside him i also hope for Douglas…
  • Bale playing striker/CAM atm, am I right? He is switching a lot...
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