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  • I have to say, I was planning on buying FIFA 22. I skipped on FIFA 21 due to the lack of new stadiums. This year I kept my hopes really low so I wouldn't be disappointed. They still managed to disappoint. After seeing this list I promised myself I won't buy FIFA this year. Again. I know EA doesn't care if they lose 1 or a…
  • Would you rather have Shakhtar playing in a generic stadium? Edit: I see someone already basically asked the same thing earlier.
  • I think Estadio do Bessa (Boavista) was in the game from FIFA 2005 until FIFA 08.
  • EA adds 1 MLS stadium per season, so it'll only be LAFC's this year.
  • I, a non-FUT-player, would like a new The Journey kinda game mode. I'd play both the new game mode and the normal manager career. The online players often don't seem to realise there are actually many players that mainly/only play offline, and those are asking for a good offline experience.
  • You're extremely overestimating EA. No way they're gonna add all English stadiums, AND all Ligue 1 stadiums, AND some Portuguese stadiums,AND another MLS stadium, AND some more stadiums from big European clubs, all in 1 year. Biggest amount of new stadiums we got in 1 year is less than 20. And they're not planning to do…
  • Are you serious? Popular clubs like Benfica, Napoli, Galatasaray still don't have their stadium, but it's about time we get the stadiums of Exeter of Tranmere? Great stadiums like Stade Louis II and Celtic Park are missing, no stadiums from Belgium and Portugal, but we should definitely have 90+ stadiums from England?
  • I get it. To me it remains unimportant though, when it comes to player details, all that matter to me are the face and the kit. But it's a good thing people are passionate about such things, so EA has to keep putting in effort to make the game look more realistic and beautiful. In my case, I'm really passionate about…
  • Don't mean to be rude, but how can you possibly care about boots in the game? You don't even see how they look like, you can just see the color.
  • You want your country to lose, because of a player on FIFA?
  • There are no other rumours so far, you mentioned all of them. I've been watching the Championship, 2. Bundesliga en La Liga 2 stands the entire year and been hoping for teams like Almeria, Gijon and Ponferradina. Last year Elche won the play offs unexpected while it was already a huge miracle they were in the play offs…
  • I didn't mind that because that cover up isn't a permanent thing. It isn't always covered up in real life, sometimes the running track is visible.
  • I know Celtic Park and Stade Louis II are in PES, but are you sure they're exclusive? I don't believe they are.
  • To be fair, you guys in England/Wales already have more than 30 stadiums. So far in Italy there's 1, in The Netherlands there's 1, in Portugal there's 0. It's nice to have those extra English stadiums, but stadiums of Porto, Benfica, Lille, Monaco, Napoli, Celtic, PSV, Galatasaray, just to name a few, are more important…
  • Brentford will have their stadium in FIFA. Now let's wait for Holstein later today.
  • How do you know? Have you played the beta or did you see images/videos?
  • Portsmouth indeed, or Sunderland. They have their stadium in the game.
  • Elche's promotion should mean we get their stadium in FIFA 22, together with Cadiz.
  • Not me. San Paolo is one of the (many) stadiums I hope for each year, but I don't think it will be in. And for Torino, no way they're going to add their stadium. It would be like getting the stadium of Montpellier or Heerenveen but not Monaco/Lille or Feyenoord/PSV. It would just be weird.
  • I wasn't aware of that. Too bad.
  • I don't expect new Ligue 1 stadiums. There's a tiny chance for Stade Louis II since Konami and Monaco just quit being partners, but I don't think we'll get any more from France at least until next year. I'm also not convinced about Philips Stadion. I do think there's a slight chance we'll get the Jose Alvalade in the game…
  • FIFA isn't just about realism, it's mainly about fun. If you want to stay at the same club for your entire carreer, even if you're too good or too bad for that team, then who is EA to say you can't? I only play manager carreer, not player carreer, (although I definetly will try it sometime, I liked the Journey while…
  • I literally have no idea what you just said haha. I know a lot about stadiums but nothing about 4K 60 HZ 0 jaggies.
  • No Brentford..
  • Apparently a Portuguese Youtuber with over 200k subscribers (Daizer) had practically confirmed Estadio Da Luz for FIFA 21. Let's hope he's not wrong.
  • And Providence Park of course.
  • I don't know how to insert a tweet here, but 'azl' tweeted this. 'FIFA 21 won’t contain Vicarage Road, the Vitality Stadium and Goodison Park after the clubs refused to pay contributions towards scanning the stadium with the latest EA tech.' I don't know if he's reliable, and I haven't seen this anywhere else.
  • Where? I don't understand your comment.
  • I'm a carreer mode player but I also liked The Journey, and I would play a new story mode if we get one. It would just be great if EA didn't put most of their effort in game-ruining FUT. Although I have to say they did a good job last years by getting the La Liga and Bundesliga packages, especially with the stadiums…
  • It surely increases the chance, and it would be absolutely great to have those stadiums, but a partnership unfortunately doesn't mean we'll get their stadium. FIFA partnerships are mainly about commercial and esports issues. I hope guys like Lucas can get their hands on some intel about any new stadium, rather sooner than…

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