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  • Agreed, the developers may disagree but are being instructed to make specific changes by those above them who’s sole thought may be profit.
  • The only reason Pedro and tj Ali are extinct is because their price range hasn’t been updated, when it updates there price will go up, before Friday at least. Presumably the best overall time to open packs will be Thursday before the official release on Friday and a huge amount of packs are opened, bringing basic gold…
  • Is this all platforms that can play from Monday with ea play?
  • If you got rid of Chem on sbc’s then they’d all be so easy to complete. The sbc’s can be used to drain the market of specific cards too. The new Chem system has its flaws but it’s better than no chem system and does allow more flexibility in team building instead of linking players.
  • Ye looking at Koulibaly, he has potential to be the meta, with great pace and defensive stats and height - he surely has to rise on release.
  • Ye I normally grind the web and companion app until I can get on the game. I’ll trade what I can and work from there and try and do the sbc’s while they’re at there most profitable.
  • Ahh ok thanks. Bit of a strange one given it gives them more money from extra ea play subscribers and then also the normal pre orders too. Also means no points can be brought until pre order early access aswell!
  • I think the crash has happened, also totw sbc I feel will be over the weekend, maybe following on from the expiry of the upgrade packs
  • Depends, same work rates as Ramos I believe. His stats look ok but you may be put off by a lower acceleration stat of 71ish, while his sprint is 82ish. If you like him and feel he will play then get him, if not then save your coins
  • The current sbc’s run out over the weekend, with a second headliners team they may release another upgrade sbc once the current ones expire - hopefully player pick
  • I would wait personally, headliners team 2 is out Friday and the current upgrade sbc’s end Saturday or Sunday, I’m presuming another form of upgrade sbc will be released - hopefully in the form of the player pick. If not then wait until toty when they normally release upgrade sbc’s for individual leagues.
  • I’m getting the impression that whoever is making these sbc’s has limited if any football knowledge and is basing them on who they believe are popular players and have been historically good sbcs, without taking into account whether it is statistically usable
  • I think it may be those who self relegate unfortunately
  • My guess is that they are doing a bigger player sbc every 4days, Marquinhos sbc expires after 4 days, while the others expire after only 2 days. With Marquinhos expiring on Tuesday when the man united one is released. Also,The players included within the promo have position changes of which they have or could easily play.…
  • Isn’t the point that it’s based on positions that the player can actually play? For instance the right back today, on his normal rm card his defending is higher than his shooting. Marquinhos has played cdm before, silva cam etc. For Man Utd one my guess would be martial lm, shaw cb as he’s played there as a 3, mctominay…
  • Nope, not risen much yet, with a player sbc each day they’ll begin to rise when desirable players become available
  • I have nesta 90, not fast but solid, if you don’t need a fast cb then he’s great
  • I had him a month ago and found even for a Cb, His passing was abysmal to the point It was twitchy bum hole time when it went near him. others experiences may be different though
  • Why discard when you can sell him for market price? Tradings good but you will have losses sometimes. Start low woth say discard informs, if you buy 82 IF’s for between 10-11k and shift for 12-13k (May take a week or so) you’ll gradually make profit, worse case scenario you can discard them and just lose 500 coins which is…
  • I don’t think there is an agenda atall. Just a matter of differing opinions. Afterall Chelsea have had One less special card than Liverpool and Man City, the same amount as Utd and 3 more than spurs despite them playing really well and topping the league. No agenda whatsoever, differing opinions
  • So Werner Haverts and Ziyech OTW, Thiago Silva OTW sbc, followed by Werner IF Ziyech IF giroud IF Chilwell IF, Silva IF, kante IF Mason Mount RTTF sbc? Yes it really sounds like they are being overloooked, with so many IF’s and 5 cards that can upgrade throughout the season. Zouma might have scored the most for a defender,…
  • Don’t beat yourself up over a loss, take the loss and look to make it back with another investment, one step back to take two forward rather than sitting stagnant. Or if you’d rather not trade then take the loss and enjoy the game, grind icon swaps or something
  • Still very inflated, dependant on sbc’s, profit can be made but I don’t think it will be Substantial per card
  • Agreed, it’d be nice if they had an upgrade sbc, similar to gold, silver, bronze, where you could swap 3 totw players for day an 84+ Totw player. Would also push the prices of the lower totw players slightly. Either way an sbc is required for these as I imagine a vast majority of low rated IF’s may get discarded or rot in…
  • They only release a certain amount of cards into the game, the majority could invest in them and have unassigned but there would still be a certain amount within the game so for big sbc’s they will shoot up because of the demand for the rating. Just wait for the undercutters to finish and then sell on. There were a lot…
  • Possibly, with any investment there’s an associated risk. Weigh up worst case scenario also and if you believe they will rise and don’t mind a potential loss against a potential gain then go for it
  • They paid that much simply for the publicity and the amount of people talking about it. The amount of publicity will result in more people buying the game and buying points resulting in either a profit on the 40mill or at least a lesser payment. My bet is that they make that money back within a month easily
  • I love this formation really reignited my enjoyment of the gameplay! I like 2 faster wide cb’s with a more aggressive central cb- can be slower, I use nesta 70 pace (slow compared to meta). For Your wide players ideally you’d like them to have high work rates as otherwise you can be exposed here, though also have 2 wide…
  • Meta players start high and then gradually drop as more people buy them and use them, while high rated fodder is lower at the start of the game, though as desirable content is released such as icon sbc’s the fodder cards like casemiro will rise as people need them to submit into the sbc’s. People are more likely to use…
  • The card will drop initially if you utd finish 3rd and then when people realise it concerts to Europa league, it will boom. You probably want then to go Europa if your keeping as it could progress into an end game card
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