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  • Those are all great ideas. As for the positions thing you mention, you can't have a created player be RWB/LWB, CM, CF or RW/LW since FIFA 10. I'm not even kidding. It has been NINE YEARS with such a glaring overlook being approved by EA. It has been this way for 3 different engines now. IMO they need to start from scratch…
  • It's not a feature. This didn't happen before one of the major updates. Doesn't happen on Switch version either. One does not simply introduce a new feature and doesn't talk about it. what, leave gamers to find out themselves? What kind of practice is that? Thanks for the Twitter link though. I noticed it's from today,…
  • Pretty much this. Last patch broke the game and it's unplayable right now.
  • Yes it does. Patch broke the rating system of the game. Every player lost one point on their ovr ratings.
  • Any idea when that's supposed to come out? I just bought the game, worked fine during the weekend, and since the patch it's all ruined and messed up. Now I have to wait to play the game I just paid for. The worst part is, it was working before!
  • Yes it's a glitch introduced with the latest patch that you downloaded. No fix as of yet. Hopefully EA will sort this out quickly because I just bought the game this weekend and now it's unplayable.
  • That's not a proper solution. It still doesn't fix the overall rating of almost every player being wrong (one point lower) even outside of Career Mode. Got o kick-off and their overalls are all messed up. Not to mention the game showing one thing on the squad menus and other during the actual match. The patch completely…
  • Heres my question. Why is every keeper in the game using the "traditional" save style? There are NO acrobatic types in the game at all. Show me one if there are. Has this always been the case or is this another thing glitched by the recent patch? I only got the game this weekend and barely played it before the patch.
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