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  • I stand corrected, we got a couple of Ones to Watch SBCs and free pack based on how many times you’ve logged in. Not bad to be fair
    in Futties Comment by BrockleyFC July 3
  • I’m not gonna hold my breath. I’m surprised we even got the last Marquee Matchup SBC after such a dreadful TOTS
    in Futties Comment by BrockleyFC July 3
  • Totally agree it’s completely unrealistic but you can’t blame people for taking advantage of the game mechanics. Unfortunately, the game isn’t designed to skilfully pass your way into the box and score like a real football match. Same could be said …
  • Especially given we haven’t received the last few flashbacks, inc. Torres and Iniesta, I feel like EA have totally turned their backs on 19 now. I’d be surprised if we get any more SBCs
    in FB Iniesta Comment by BrockleyFC June 29
  • Given the lack of content in 19 (and probably even less in future), I’m definitely giving 20 a miss. If the gameplay is the same, what’s the point in buying it.
  • I think I’ve done around 40 so far and have similar outcomes — gold De Gea, some 84/85s and 2 ROTW. Anyone else managed to pack an Ultimate TOTS player yet?
  • Total 💩
  • Those sound like generous odds to me. Unless of course, they accidentally give it to us and take it away again.
  • Biggest event of the season and it’s been a total let down. A perfect balance of very little content on switch and incompetence at EA. How does a company that’s been making football games for so long, get it so wrong?
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