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  • I just don’t understand the game. How, when my ping is generally 20ms On away games and 12-16ms on home games do I always feel the game is against me. Yet when I take the Xbox upstairs and play off Wi-fi with away games between 30-50ms and home games between 20-40, The game feels more responsive and gives me the…
  • PIM petit. Great at cdm
  • I understand it’s frustrating to have these issues but by making ur connection worst to gain the advantage, all your doing is making other players be at a disadvantage and feel the frustration you’ve felt.
  • I’m also interested to know what tactics/instructions people use to help with defending. I would say I’m half decent at manual defending but some games I can’t move or pass against some players because they’re defence is all over me. And they claim they’re not using pressure tactics
  • Yes, lag compensation. With ur connection probably being worst than ur opponents, the game compensates the connection often resulting in someone having the advantage. I think most games do it but it’s more obvious on Fifa, probably because of the complexity of the game and the fact that it’s 1v1. I do understand that this…
  • Be interested to see if totssf Nainggolan makes anyone’s list. I’m currently using FB Allan and SH Eriksson which works well if m playing my attacking formation, but if I want to change to a 2 cdm formation eriksson doesn’t quite cut it!!! Allan, by the way, is awesome both as a cm and a cdm. Just wish he had 4 star wf
  • And why shouldn’t someone who’s put hours into a game have a better team than a casual who hasn’t played as much? I have a good team, not a great one but good enough. Most of it through objectives or sbc’s. I’ve put a decent amount of time into fifa and team wise, I’m happy with what I’ve got. If I get beat on Fifa now…
  • And, for all u players that are so good u don’t notice the gameplay all ya bad players are having, why do you all need to self relegate to complete objectives🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • i think you are a bit deluded. i just told you that i live as far away as possible from the servers and still beat them because they are worse than me. if they beat you it's cuz they are better than you. you also talk about some squad battles non sense but i never had a problem with it, i beat legendary with gold non rare…
  • Exactly.... if my team played to they’re stats when my opponent applied team press I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The fact is, in most of the games where team press is used, the connection problems with this game Cause my players to not play to their stats. You Fifa fan boys can all shout about how it’s all me and to…
  • Same here man. I’m normally an attacking player, using movement and skill moves but when the gameplay is like this, I have to just try to pass it round and play boring football to get a result. Frustrating for me and for my opponent sometimes.
  • Had 2 but it didn’t stop little Timmy and his 4g internet 😂😂
  • Exactly the reason why most of us can’t play the game. The game tries to compensate for poor internet so those of us who actually have a decent connection get bad gameplay.
  • I’m using sniper and find it better than engine. I didn’t notice the balance difference with engine as it’s terrible anyway. But the added agility you get with snippet seemed to help the feel of ibra. And it may just be me but I feel he scores more with the few extra stats he gets for shooting. Just my opinion. The pace…
  • Nope, 5-3-2. In some games my full bk’s lose stamina but the rest of the team usually do ok. But occasionally, when I feel under pressure or the gameplay is bad my whole team can suffer, even the 95+ stamina players. In these games, by the 60th min, my players are done!!!!
  • Not true. I don’t use drop bk and my team becomes over run by either pressure tactics or delay lag!!! There is something wrong somewhere. I’m div 5 normally and when a div 6 regular can smash me 6 nil.... not saying this can’t happen but the gameplay from my end was shocking and my players stamina had gone, considering he…
  • I’ve played several players lately that I thought were using constant pressure or team press. I messaged them after to find out what they’d been using and all of them were using 4 or 4 depth and valanced instructions. Honestly think it’s down to connection. One game was so bad I was convinced he was team press and drop bk…
  • Opponent using team press and having the connection advantage. Frustrating AF
  • Awesome, thanks👍👍
  • Will defiantly do him but will he push Teixeira out of my starting squad and is the stamina a problem? He will play as a second striker with stay central stay forward instructions.
  • I used kainz for a while when he was first released. Not bad to be honest. Probably not up to WL standards now but defiantly usable
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  • Try 5-3-2 instead. I prefer it to 3-5-2. Just make sure you have full bks get forward on the d pad instructions. Think it’s up and left on the d pad
  • Totssf insigne.
  • So right stick pressing causes all my players to play like bronze players!!! I’m the first to admit I’m not the greatest, and will happily hold my hands up to the better player, but, team press does affect my team and it does need looking at. Think it’s a combination of team press and connection but either way, a players…
  • Exactly my point. Why make a tactic so OP when it magnifies the problem with connection.
  • Think it’s all connection related to be honest. Reading post on here recently about how EA try to balance connections between players when one or both of the players have a below par internet service. I get that they have to try and keep everyone happy but the majority of us who do have good service are being made to play…
  • Haha. Not about being good, it’s about playing a game that performs consistently. I would happily lose more games if the game played well and everyone was better than me. But that’s not what I’m saying. The game just isn’t balanced and there are mechanics within the game and/or connection imbalances that give one player an…
  • Probably didn’t register because you’re opponent quit. Happened to me a few times
  • Letizia, probably been one of the best full backs I’ve played with. Use Mariano on the other side and love Gabriel as my CDM, an absolute tank of a card. Nothing gets past him.
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