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  • Still the same? Start with 4 stars, you get the 5th after beating 10 guys and then what? Does it still drop to 0 when you get the next star?
  • Sorry, has this been fixed in the newest update?
  • Did they fix the skills-wipe bug? Like if you start a career now since that fix, will you keep your stars?
  • This one is utterly unacceptable. So simple, so dumb, so easy to patch but they want people to cave and pay for FUT. More than a month. I played a whole fifa19 career since I bought fifa20, checking here fir a fix but no. Like if you can fix it in two seconds for PC then they could fix it in two seconds for us. Just do it.
  • I had my skills wiped in two careers. I haven’t seen it mentioned in the bug fixes but I’m not starting another career until I hear that it’s fixed. It’s such a kick in the nuts. EA is just having fun with us now with all this scheduled failure. Ooopsie, it’s cheaper to sell you a beta version and patch it on the go than…
  • Yup, twice. When you get what should be the 3rd star you get the 5th, and then when you get what should be the 4th star it wipes. Then you have absolutely zero skill so you have no shot at even getting what should be the 5th star(to see if that solves it) because you need to use skill moves. I really wish EA would use some…
  • Yeah but they’ve been tanking career mode since they ditched the player/manager option, where you could get everything from the game in one mode, and it’s obvious they’re trying to push the ultimate scam mode. Of course they could get the game ready on time every year, they’d just need to give up more of the money they…
  • My guy’s skill level rose to 5-stars when it should’ve gone to 3-stars, then when I earned another star his skill level dropped to 0. So now zero skill, like nothing, and can’t earn another skill point without beating players using skill moves. Sigh.
  • Less and less fun, just hose-the-user AI. The shot accuracy and defensive reactions have been slid to zero for the user and to 100 for AI. Brilliant.
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