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  • Thanks for the reply Chow
  • Hello Mr. Chow, my question is very simple If you had to make 2 bpl teams and had 40k to spend on each, what would your team look like? 1) in a 4231 (3 CAM version) 2) in a 4141 Just curious, also, could you tell me how you would set your player …
  • Hello Mr. Chow I apologize if this is a question that has been asked and/or answered. Can you give me your thoughts on the 4-1-4-1 formation and the following team? ST: Giroud/Carrol (Sub Falcao) LM: Jarvis/Eriksen Attacking CM: Cazorla/Cesc B2B …
  • Hello I am unable to connect to the EASFC catelogue on my ps4 during the day but am able to connect during evenings. I live in Ontario Canada. I spoke to a game advisor on the phone regarding this issue and performed the following troubleshooting s…
  • Hello Mr. Chow When you are faced with the following two scenarios what do you do? 1) An opponent who is high pressuring the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ out of you, and is really good at it too. (change formation? bring on subs? etc.) 2) You have just taken a 1 goa…
  • @Chow Hey I had two questions, I play a 4231 (3 CAM) formation and was wondering what should I be looking for in my wide CAMs (premier league), it wasn't really talked about in the guide. And what are your thoughts on the two CDM spots, Is it goo…

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