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  • You need to edit your sliders. Games a mess out of the box, but spend some time making realistic sliders and you'll be able to find that challenge.
  • Does anyone actually play those mini games? I tried each one once, but I've since only ever simulated each training session. Far too time consuming otherwise.
  • To be honest, I say just accept it and move on - it keeps things realistic. Players regularly refuse new contracts and want to move on, even your best players. It's a shame, but if you were just able to keep all your best players for as long as you wanted, regularly signing contract extensions, wouldn't that get boring?…
  • You need to edit your sliders I have Goalkeeper Ability as low as 15
  • Offline with a carefully crafted set of sliders beats online any day.
  • Well...they're children. So they're much more likely to have childish reactions like that.
    in Why quit? Comment by Bixer November 2016
  • Because FUT is primarily played by 12-15 year olds.
    in Why quit? Comment by Bixer November 2016
  • I think the key to this is always difficulty. Both from gameplay and self-imposed restrictions. It sounds like you already try to keep signings semi-realistic, but it sounds like you're finding the game too easy as it stands. Even with some incredibly shrewd signings, Bournemouth shouldn't be finishing 4th that soon.…
  • Delayed reply, but yeah I'm 100% in the same boat as you. It's making the game nigh on unplayable.
  • Was it definitely 13 season and not 15? The game usually automatically ends after 15 seasons, so 13 would be strange... If it is 13, maybe go back to an earlier save if you can?
  • Unfortunately EA don't update transfers from the summer before the next game comes out - otherwise less people would buy it. The only way to do it would be to manually transfer them yourself.
  • Yes, which you didn't mention until your 3rd post in here, up until which point you were insinuating I was a conspiracy theorist. It's easy to make an argument and then change it halfway through to suit your needs, isn't it.
  • It baffles me how people still generally think the fact that there's nothing explicitly about it in the change notes, means that EA haven't changed anything. Use your eyes and play a few games, the gameplay is clearly slightly different how it was pre-patch.
  • Online, or offline? Offline on World Class and Legendary, the CPU seem to be given an unfair sprinting advantage, so I'd recommend testing lowering their sliders for Sprint Speed/Acceleration 1 point at a time and see what you think.
  • Only difference there though - that part isn't really putting words into my mouth as that's essentially what I'm saying. I'm using actual testing to come to my conclusion - you were just dismissing it based on the fact 'the patch notes didn't mention anything'. If you believe everything EA say and that omission = nothing…
  • They don't update transfers from the summer before the next game is out unfortunately. Otherwise it'd stop people from buying FIFA 17. You'll have to do them manually yourself.
  • Before this patch, I found a combination of slider settings which kept my fullbacks in position. Since this patch, those same sliders no longer perform that function. You can argue all you like, but without even attempting to do any sort of testing yourself, what's the point of you even commenting? 'I haven't tested it…
  • If you refuse to believe that the latest patch hasn't affected other areas of the game - then I think you're the one who wants to take their blindfold off. Playing against the CPU, watch what your defensive line does when their GK passes the ball - either long or short. Anyone who thinks that's an accurate depiction/tactic…
  • It happens towards the end of every FIFA life cycle for some reason. EA release an update which makes loan moves permanent. Unfortunately you can't fix it. Just sell any players in your team that should be loanees after the first season if you want to keep it semi-realistic.
  • Quite impressive that you made this identical thread exactly 12 hours after the last one
  • Unfortunately not. It's something that's been somewhat broken in FIFA for years now. Every year we hope they'll fix it, but they never do. Sadly there's nothing that can be done other than massively rotating your squad, which in itself isn't particularly realistic.
  • I've found a reasonably nice balance on Injury Frequency at 99 and Injury Severity at 75. Severity is just as important as Frequency. Severity is what changes whether your player is able to just have a few minutes on the sidelines and walk back on, or if they have a full blown injury and need to be subbed off and are out…
  • Alter the relevant sliders accordingly, GK Ability, Shot Error etc. /thread.
  • I can't speak for online modes, but if Career Mode is ❤️❤️❤️❤️ you off so much, why don't you just alter the sliders?
  • I find the game essentially unplayable on World Class without altering some sliders. Try upping CPU Pass Error and lowering their Pass Speed for starters - see how that works.
  • Sliders are the key here. You'll need to lower CPU pass speed considerably to start as they ping it about like Barcelona on ecstasy - no matter what team they actually are. Things like pass error and shot error are worth looking at too.
  • The only thing I want is for no players to have that 'silhouette' instead of a head. It makes me not want to use them.
  • Unfortunately I don't know exactly how much, but considering how low the payout is for winning the League Cup for example, I imagine it'd be really, really low. Am I right in saying FIFA try and keep their tournament winnings similar to that of real life? If so, I think it's less than £50,000
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