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  • Renato Sanches for me is god tier. Special mention goes to Tchoumeni, he has been great for me since the start of the game. But has since been slowly fading away
  • For me it is quite the opposite, I get too many fouls get called against me
  • Player picks will always be goateed compared to these upgrade packs. EA just want to drain your club before TOTY
  • After the comments, Lukaku deffo deserves to be dropped. Sure he's a great player, but Chelsea won the champions league without him and he is complaining about the manager.
  • Can't post images but this is the team I made in a 4-2-3-1 formation. Obviously I think you should move Suker as a striker in game but I just put Rebic there to get chemistry.
  • He should slightly decrease in value once this Felipe Anderson objective goes away and the build up to TOTY, the market will drop as people start preparing their clubs for TOTY (MattHDGamer's video on the TOTY market crash is usually a good sign that the market is gonna crash due to his viewer base) So keep an eye out for…
    in SMS price? Comment by BIPN January 2022
  • Having a crap team around your Dinho and Gullit will bottleneck them surely? What if Dinho and Gullit become the players that "play insane one day" and "completely lost the next"? I know it is tempting dude but it's almost never worth it, unless that is what is going to make this more enjoyable for you. If enjoying this…
  • We play this because there are no other football games to play. I would rather suffer from scripting and unplayable lag than play with Ristiano Conaldo in eFootball or whatever they call it
  • I was part of the unlucky ones unfortunately. Opened about 1 mil worth and I had nothing really to show for it. I was being very audacious mind you and only doing the Ligue 1 ones. It was Mbappe or Bust and unfortunately in this scenario it was bust. But hopefully Kante gets in it this year and if he does, I am doing…
  • Either the Kante card must've fallen off the power curve or the conspiracies of EA making SBC players trash after a while are true...
  • Shiny cards, bad promos. Decent value SBCs but once every blue moon. I feel like they are just trying to maximise their profits this year seeing as it may be their last year with the FIFA licensing.
  • You get 4 points per win on FUT Champs, You play 20 games weekly. Look at the amount of points you have and the games you have left, for example you have 20 points but you have 14 games remaining. This means you played 6 games and have 20 points. Now divide 20 by 4 and you get 5. You have won 5 games of the 6 meaning you…
  • Bring back Daily Knockout Tournaments and have player rewards for winning DKT (depending on the promos out that period) as well as WL tokens. Bring back online tournaments such as EA Shield tournaments where casual players can enjoy whilst the sweats play FUT Champs etc. Pro clubs type feature for Ultimate Team where you…
  • As long as you go into the game with a full chem team, anything that you do to those players in game will not affect their chemistry. If you so wish, you can go into a game with full chem then move your striker to right cm and they will still be on full chem.
  • Showdown Pique would have been a good shout in this team
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