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  • I haven't played fifa for about 2 years now I mostly play f1, gears 5 and just recently elden ring I can't stress enough how good it was to get away from a game you clearly don't enjoy. All about breaking the addiction and moving on.
  • I didn't think fifa could get any worse but I was wrong that's pretty much all I have to say game pass ultimate saving me money from buying ❤️❤️❤️❤️.
  • I played almost one half of division rivals and uninstalled I hit the bar 3 times and the post once my opponent does nothing the entire half and scores a renound goal same rubbish different year I honestly don't know how you people put up with it.
  • I mean you all played yourselves just by downloading a beta of game that has been broken for 10 years
  • Gaming is getting far worse the only way to really deal with it is to just stop buying these games there's not many games I play now I still play quite alot of gears 5 but even that game my favourite game ever has lost alot of it's magic. Then my 2nd favourite franchise Resident evil isn't even resident evil anymore it's a…
  • I decided to play fifa on Tuesday I think in the morning had 1 or 2 games and it was slow sluggish and impossible to do anything but then during the same day at 9pm I played a game against some local person and the gameplay was very fast, responsive and everything worked as it should and I rarely ever lose when the…
  • Don't know about any of you but I've just stopped playing football games completely apart from football manager there's no reason to play them anymore they're all full of crap anyway roll of dice gameplay, boring gameplay, boring game modes the list easily writes a book. Until pes brings back master league online with the…
  • I played 1 game today for the 1st time in months and had a goal disallowed for no reason at all I've got a clip that I recorded it's got no sound for some reason...turns out it was because of my ai giroud running into my opponents keeper and it was given a foul lol.…
  • Good lad now go and play some decent games.
  • You saying that people will buy the game no matter what is exactly what ea wants. Nobody is forcing you to buy the game just because it's a "football game" doesn't mean you have to buy it. If you're that fed up with fifa grow some balls play different games and move onto better things.
  • Football just sucks as a whole now football clubs sold out to foreign owners who run our clubs as just a business and owners that don't actually care about football at all this super league proposal has proven that once and for all. I feel like there's way too much money going around in the sport and football won't recover…
  • It really doesn't matter about connection in fifa anymore dedicated servers or p2p the game with current gameplay is always going to play very bad I don't know why it's so hard for people to understand but the slow sluggish gameplay, slow animations and input delay is all because of how crap this game is made its been the…
  • Fifa has been dead since fifa 13 and ultimate team is stale, pro clubs has been ruined ever since they added in random ai players, gameplay has been a roll of the dice since fifa 13. Sbmm Player cursor above opposition New free kick and corner system is dreadful Stale slow and sluggish gameplay The list could go on forever…
  • Who would want to come back to this mess? Casuals are too busy playing games that are fun and games that actually work.
  • Awww bless em a game that content creators have milked for multiple years even promoting gambling to kids and now they want a response from ea acting like these content creators are the good people 😆 so full of * Genuinely hope this game goes down the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ even more they deserve it.
  • I got my xbox series x last wednesday and I've been trying all the enhanced versions for the console and fifa 21 is by far the worst out of them all it's exactly the same as last gen 😆 The best games I tried was either destiny 2 and hitman 3 huge upgrades with those games but with fifa you get a new camera angle....Big wow…
  • Classic game that to be fair but yeah it's pathetic I'm so glad I barely play this anymore I think I've played fifa once in the last 2 months
  • It's terrible i just played the series x version which is supposed to be enhanced and better yet all I see is a new camera angle and a new crowd celebration :D same game same bs tempted to uninstall already
  • Used to love longshots on fifa but now they're no where near as effective and even from just outside the box they're bad and with auto blocks being the most overpowered thing on the entire game it makes them even harder. Also i remember scoring goals like this on fifa 14 back when fifa still had a tiny bit of fun left in…
  • Fifa isn't good for anyone's health to be fair you know a game is bad when people smash their controllers, tv's are supposed to be fun not stressful but hey that's the gaming industry for you messing gaming up trying to force competitive gameplay on everyone. Find a different game you can get some enjoyment out…
  • Everything is broken with fifa this game is also designed on randomness and to frustrate people and guess what it's working. Move onto something else
  • It's been a rough year for everyone myself included hope everyone has a good christmas
  • There's a little something called game sharing i never bought this years fifa a duh
  • I had a feeling that game wasn't going to live up to the overhyped nonsense and yes my brother would 100% take a refund for fifa. Fifa has been tragic yet again this year
  • Well I was really getting into the f1 games and enjoying them alot but it looks like the f1 games are now on my avoid list :(
  • Yep sounds like the gameplay I have 24/7
  • What do you expect its been like this for weeks the updates have done nothing to improve the game in fact things have got far worse. Catch up mechanic is back and stronger than ever before. Passing is a joke simple passes fail yet the harder passes are always spot on no matter what. And yes the sluggish gameplay is…
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