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  • 🤣🤣😂 love this
  • Don’t know what your back line looks like, but i found the TOTS players are eclipsing icons, i have 94 zidane and i prefer pacqueta TOTS ( he would link great for neymar and mbappe] , Aour TOTS is a beast but if you didn’t do the SBC think he is gone for you. Ronaldinho is mesmerising but so is his price
  • I had 3 of these last weekend, no win recorder just game out back in the bank, not great as clearly they look at the teams and decide they don’t fancy it so use a glitch to pull out without penalty. Frustating..
  • Turn the haptic feedback off for fifa, the pressure on your fingers is like a work out and isn’t what you want for the WL shenanigans. Other than that ir’s pretty good
  • Oh dear, think i might have gone off on a day trip/tangent with my comment about this and caused a mini storm. Having read some of the feedback i think it is a little unfair on the OP, i have day jib so i am not sat playing fifa 24/7 but when i do i try to play SB’s Rivals and WL, usually with an eye on objectives to build…
  • I agree on mid pat, i loved 86 pat but 88 is on it. I have to say i got makelele PIM from the sbc, he is vieira and kante on speed, phenom card.
  • Or you could just grind, play play play, trade as wisely as possible and use the coins to buy what you’d like to get instead of hoping the game will give it to you? Sorry not being harsh but it’s a bit of an entitled generation question.
  • I feel your pain. It’s when you have IF gomez at CB running like he’s been on the beer for 24 hours straight or the pitch has turned into treacle, whilst some 82 rated goes by like usain bolt that frustrates me the most, can’t understand it but ended living with it because i want to play. Usually at it’s worst 10 games pf…
  • Can’t wait for 6PM GMT, i am not Greek and have no interest in greek football or it’s nations history. Pretty sure that EA haven’t read this or will have any interest if they did. I feel poor stilios and the other 10 greek FUT players are in for a disappointing Thursday, can’t see there being unprecedented demand for a…
  • I’d imagine with these things , they hack sell all your players and then buy their own with that monry and repeat until they have drained, i’d imagine the market van is because it triggers multiple sales from one account to select others, i’d imagine ea have a scripted bot to identify that. Clearly it’s not you but the…
  • If you look at the buy price only, it looks very different but all things are relevant, you obviously have yo buy for more but you also sell for more. If you aren’t big on trading then your coins earned aren’t going to go as far on the PS. Nothi g you can do about it, just the way it is. Top end value is dictated by ea but…
  • I packed mid zidane on the mid icon sbc, he’s very good, high work rate and is a great box to box player, if i could master skill moves am sure he’d be super special.
  • Just select latest players and unless you’ve opend 50 packs they’ll be right there🤩
  • Yep, unfortunately it’s like cars....when the new one cones out with upgrades...the next model down takes a dive value wise. Bad times for some prime icon owners, xavi will be on the list of those who don’t hold their price as much i’d have thought, by the time you work out the 5% coin tax on shifting’ll be…
  • Apart from packing OTW Werner at release and selling him for a packet (everyone thought he would do well as per previous years (and is a good card)) I kinda feel OTW this year was a massive L and they should rebrand as Ones to Avoid? I can’t think of any OTW cars who have moved significantly from IF’s this year?
  • I think we are on the same page by the sounds of it with all of your comments, i think without being controversial Gulag is probably playing at a better standard than me at least, i genuinely think there is something a miss with WL, it isn’t grapes for losing, i am div 4 rivals 1350 exp, relatively new into this division…
  • This is a very lengthy post considering the usual posts on the forum, but that said great read and so much of my weekend life for the last 4-5 months is in there. Complete respect to you for amassing your team without any dipping into fifa points. I’ve dipped in a few times but when i watch Castro on twitch opening packs…
  • Change your formation, (maybe 433 (2) that way kante will link with varane and campbell, bin chamberlain, get robben on RW/RM he is one of the bat cards this year, whack neymar on the other fside, stick rashford cm/right, aoeur left and Felix uk front?
  • I am sorry to say i played on after losing first goal, a) i needed to score in 10 and more importantly b) the guy i played against rainbow flicked straight from kick off with the little ball, so i just dug in. I like the golden goal code but if people are morons then i don’t care if they stick 5 past me in 5, i am in until…
  • I have to confess that as i chose an EPL base team this year i had some top players, so going into the objective most just gave up before trying to score first, i think it was fear and natural assumption was i would be a decent player, the reality is a put a lit if hours in to get an honest team byt i am nit a skill moves…
  • I love it, think of it as a golden goal game.....grinding 15 games with MLS, Dutch & EFL at World Class is a grind enough for me. It’s quite annoying when they don’t quit after 1 goal after a while, good old fashioned community spirit/gamesmanship. Love it
  • whats your team looking like? I do this every year, packed baby Vieira on week 4, nearly pee’d myself as never had him ever, just can’t sell him for that reason. Never had henry either, but use overmars every year on left, so would have to switch formation?
  • Whole squad has to be the same league not just starting 11
  • Lucas is an eyesore. Surely you should have Pepe in there. [/quote You’re totally right, fixed it with the sbc
  • Must be cursed thread, just played some guy with it & yes i totally get it, don’t know why someone Would chose to use it, it’s horrendous” maybe to get rage quitters for objectives?🤯🤯
  • I am not taking the mick but I like the red tango and use it all the time? Did in last fifa? Not for any gain, i just like it as I had one as a kid? What is the issue with it????
  • Perfect thanks; time to invest in a new ethernet cable direct to the router is what that is telling me
  • Sorry, i meant In Form (IF (gold team of the week (black card)))he’s pricey, i have the standard one in a no trade and will try him this week for comparison, if you have 400-500k get the in form, he is brilliant and cheaper than IF walker
  • I have Gomez IF and he is an absolute rock, unfortunately (shouldn’t be) i have laporte next to him, by comparison Laporte is solid defending wise and passing, but is like a cart horse compared to Gomez speed wise. Recommend gomez 100%
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