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  • Hopefully he's ok, not sure if he'll be able to play again but at least he'll be able to hold his family again. The coverage of this was disgusting, the producer cutting to pictures of his team mates, fans, his wife and trying to sneak a peak through the wall of players. Absolute scum. I know the BBC get the feed from uefa…
    in Eriksen Comment by Aspas10 June 2021
  • Is there 100% solid evidence? Is there reasonable doubt? Did we see what he said or was his hand over his mouth? It's probable that he racial abused him but can we be certain; without a shadow of a doubt? Is everyone guilty till proven innocent.
  • Pretty poor team but I got a 90 rated Podolski so I'm somewhat happy.
  • Love Candreva. So I'll take him but by the time I get him it'll be nearly may. 88 in May is fodder; would have been a decent card if they dropped this in September.
  • Wouldn't mind the move to 79 with a cap of < 83.
  • Hopefully they'll release them on Monday. If they drop them today RIP servers for the WL
  • As a Newcastle fan I'll take Martins. Also used to love Candreva from his days at Lazio. Him and Felipe Anderson were unstoppable on their day. While they're not the best, it's better than last time.
  • Pace needs killed. Preferred when pace wasn't a factor at all, it was mainly about passing. Then everyone moaned because they weren't creative enough to work the chance on goal. Now it's killed the skill gap, it's just luck. It's a case of what the AI is doing when you're in possession. It's a counter attacking game,…
  • That was my favourite moment ever! Drew 2-2 with someone. In extra time he scored 2 on the counter attack in the first half and Mbappe did the folded arms celebration. Then danced for the 4th goal. Obviously I went on to equalise in the 120th min. (at this point I wish I knew how to dance)... Then I went on to win on…
  • Struggling, haven't played online for 2 weeks. Horrific connection, players are clunky, first touch is heavy and slow, passing is slow, the ball is bouncing off everyone, players aren't locking onto the ball, issues with player switch, random offside trap when I'm not activating it, everyone turns in slow motion, ball…
  • Not a chance I'm doing this. This has 6 × 83, 3 × 84 and 1 × 87 written all over it. Lose more than I'd gain
  • Pause from the kick off I'm leaving. If the game is a sweat on then I'm leaving. Not worth the effort, especially in friendlies.
  • What annoys me the most is the square through ball. From the kick off, to my CM and then a through ball to my full back... Goes out of play, with my full back not running in a straight line towards the ball.
  • I'd try my luck with the packs. I used mid Baggio for around 10 games and he was awful for me. Not worth the grind and wait for the next patch(whenever that is)
    in Baggio Comment by Aspas10 March 2021
  • There's definitely an issue. Either I'm tackling them, forcing him out wide or fouling them.
  • You can refresh them all 1 straight after another if you want to. They got rid of the 1 refresh every 12 hours or whatever it used to be
  • Hopefully PES will get it right on the PS5. They've given themselves the best chance with patching the latest game. Just don't feel like they've gotten the PS4 era right, if it's anywhere near the PS2 or even the PS3... I'll be happy. Already decided I'm not going for fifa 22. You have all this BS, mistake after mistake…
  • Can't be bothered with it. Just want in and out of the match, as fast as I can. Got no time for cut scenes, replays, celebrations, watching players walk off the pitch, half time countdowns etc.
  • There's a limit of 10 matches per hour. After that you get booted from FUT. Think it's something to do with self relegation.
  • It's the pits. I usually find SB gets more difficult when there's objectives to do in SB. Especially around the time of swaps. If Deeney or Jay Rodriguez are in the squad I'm facing then I'm conceding a few and the TV is getting shouted at.
  • I've had 2 weeks away from any from of online mode. Just played SB and mainly be a pro. Anyways I played a few rivals to complete gold objectives to claim De Sciglio. The gameplay is horrific. The movement of the ball is ridiculous, the passing is really bad, the running is ridiculous. You don't realise how bad it is till…
  • It always amazes me how many people will go out there way to try and ❤️❤️❤️❤️ off people. Personally hate friendlies. I'd love to see them add a 10 second out of bounds disconnect. If you rubberband and your player remains out of bounds for too long then you disconnect for being a ❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • Those that have the slowest build up play. Yeah sure you can pass the ball around the half way line, how about you come a little closer. Also the rubberband merchants. Had someone rubberband from kick off while doing the long shot objective.
  • I've been lagged out of the game. It's been about November since I had a decent sustained connection. Now I might be able to play for an hour and then I'm in trouble. Literally haven't touched an online game in 2 weeks now, only played a few SB. It's beyond unplayable for me.
  • GK is irrelevant, the shooting stats of the STs will be lower unless they have a super striker. Makes no difference though, when they're in the correct shooting position it's always a goal. Stats better used elsewhere. Figure out their objectives, eg score 15 goals with Reinier: then always cover the pass to him... It's…
  • He's the greatest CB of all time. His run from 99 to 05 was unrivalled. Before injuries, I can't remember a time when he was sluggish and clunky. Can always remember him gliding around the pitch. No idea how it translated to 40 agility.
  • Feels moreso this year than ever before. Never seen so many RBs.

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