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  • I'm not indending until I will read here that Fifa 21 is great has improvements and fixes. So I have to wait til end of 2020 or begining of 2021. :(
  • Don't play fifa 20, go back to fifa 18, 19 or when ever it was better. EA will not fix this in the life cycle if Fifa 20, which is almost done. So you will not get an career mode fix (major like this) from EA. Sorry but Fifa 20 is done.
  • But where is the fun in winning almost every game and still not winning the league. And with the new improved ultimate/über/god mode we have to trimm the oppents down or play in legandary mode and then I win every game by atleast 8 goals ahead. And where is the fun in that????
  • Don't want to repeat myself or copy paste so just a link
  • And this is more then many other career mode bugs got. Don't hold your breath that EA will fix this one or any of the major other bugs in Fifa 20 or Fifa 21. With corona they now have the perfect excuse why they don't fix anything. By the way software developemt should not be influence much by home office. I did this as a…
  • Will not happen, since PES holds the licence for these teams. Remember back when EA called the Champions League, Champios Cup. Then they bought the licence and did not change anything else in Fifa 18 besides calling the freaking thing by the correct name. And claimed this was a huge improvement for career mode. Back then…
  • Yeah but only if you playing on PC, for me PS4 their is no option. EA sux.
  • Will not happen, EA does not care about career mode. We're only the guys who finance the development of the game so that they can present the FUT guys their slot machines. :#
  • Fifa 20 is not the game to play a "road to glory", with the new interview system you need to do press confrence in order to keep team moral high. So a sprint to glory in Fifa 20 would most likely result in you getting fired alot. I saw a lot of YT Videos with "Sprint to glory's" which resulted in getting fired and fired…
  • All the bugs, glitches we reported. I counted 10-12 new bugs after patch #12 alone. And now patch #14 is not and ZERO fixes for career mode. So the question really stays. Why should we tell them their bugs when EA is not willing to fix any of them? An absolute disgrace. "How dare you EA". Lock your self in a closet and…
  • Welcome to the wonderful world of EA. We are all sitting in the same boat, since the relase of Fifa 20. Don't except EA to fix any of that. patch #14 is out now and 0.000 fixes for career mode. Nothing absolute nothing. :#
  • If they apologiz then this would be legaly binding in the US, not so much in Europe. But anyways they will never ever give as 1cent as an refund. And they could argue that this makes the game better, because we now have to give our absolute best to win the league (BS I know).
  • You should report this as a bug inside the bug-report forum
  • Where were you guys for the discussion we had for the last couple of month. Since Corona lock down a lot of new guys showing up and reporting all the old problems we had since Fifa 20 came of. Guys thats the reason why we saying for month that Fifa 20 suxs and is a big big mess. I listed 12 new/addition bugs in Career Mode…
  • Could you write that in English? Otherwise you will not get any response here!
  • Best ones are when the players request to be played while they are injured or have a red card. The logic in that is really like we should have excepted from EA.
  • You cann't. Its just something the CPU decides. Perhaps you can influence it a little bit by upgrading your squad with better players to excit your fans. But thats a therory.
  • I must agree with @cokimon are you really sure that these guys where scouted in the same season. The objective is that you must find them via a scout in the current season and then play them 10 times. You can not use any youth players that where scouted in prior seasons. Sorry but thats all I can tell you about it. Normaly…
  • Hi I have no clue what you wrote there. You're writing french in an englich forum, Don't expect many answers to your posts. (for that reason, I don't write german in here)
  • The only thing press conference are good for is to abuse them to get every player super happy and increase the dynamic potential for the entire squad. For the game I agree, is pathetic and very uninstresting.
  • Undefined in the game play cut scene or also in your Squad Hub? If they are undefined in the game play, this is a well documented bug EA put in the game with patch #12. If the names are also undefined in the rest of your career mode screens, then this would be a new bug that I'm not aware of and you should write and…
  • Are your sure that thats the complete objective. Most of the time you have to improve them first or they must have a certain potional e.g. 75+. To answer your question invtiation games should count. In your Youth Objective Screen their should also be a number how many players are qualified for this objective. If you can…
  • What your are looking for is called bug-report forum. You can find them in the main menu under "Technical Issues & Bugs" Their you can look for similar problems or create and new post where you can describe what you did and what happend, You also can add screen shots to…
  • Ok Go into your profile and select delete file. Then delete the EA Catalogue file 1) For PS4 go to Customise > Profile > Delete > EAS FC Catalogue 1 Update, delete. Then restart game PC and XBox should be similar. For future reference you should check out the EA bug-report forum for such things. They also have an search…
  • Because their lineup comes from their own databases, where our data come from the squad update team database. And EA changed something in FUT and did not check if its effecting career mode. Like last year when the out in the -1 OVR bug because of an FUT update. EA hates use CM players.
  • Yes but only if an player gets older the 29. Or lets say it another way, one month after his 30th birthday his stats are the same but he ovr rating gots into the toilete. In my career its Thomas Müller. He has in one state a -1 but its overall is -3. This is EA's logic with older players but its for years now as far as I…
    in Bug Comment by ArneMueller March 2020
  • You are in Season 20/21 ? Then he gets 30 years of age and this triggers the massive decline in the World of EA. currently he is only 28 but on 16 July 2021 he will reach 30, and then his career goes bye bye. I always have to get ride of my good players before they become 30. But this is an issue since forever in Fifa…
  • Well documentes also here and the bug-report forum every since patch #12 came out. But still no response from EA on this or any other CM bug/issue. Welcome to EAs version of Hell
  • Welcome to the club, we complaining for month about this, first the messed it up so that the cpu teams only player ther youth player and then came a deathful patch that fliped this. No all the good teams play always with their best players, since their are no injuries and no stamina drain for the cpu teams they can do…
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