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  • Sadly, there is no company who cant grasp the potential of a huge money gain if they make a REAL football game dedicated to a proper career. Developers are wasting money with games forgoten in few months, if we talk about good ones. We are hostage of 2 lame companies, one who doesnt care and one who doesnt know.
  • Keep hoping. They DONT CARE! Understand? A beta tester could nail 75% of the bugs in first 2 days. But, they dont test this. Test are FUt and FUt is the only mode that has a "bugs board" on EA offices. Career, stats, flying plains, managers in Bride dresses....just details...
  • FUT is milkling idi**ts, we just make noise. That's why. ...and congratiulation, 15 seasons...ha? Great..i have uninstalled the game after first 2.
  • are you really read that Sh%&t? :D
  • Well, CDM is more defensive and distructive at the middle of the field. CM are builders, driblers and the one who deliver the final decisive pass. speak about gooses and ducks here. Look alike, but completely different.
  • Are you joking? They finally removed that idiotic faul=card and you complain. I am waiting for 12 years for them to do that. Referees are keeping cards out in start of the game. Watch some real football FGS.
  • Beckam got 50 mil to allow EA to make a FUT card with his name. 50 mil for a card. Ibrahimovic got mad about this and started asking who allowed EA to use his name and image to make money. He said never signed a contract with any entity to give his image and name for nothing. So, we will have another court action, a bad…
  • What i skip/ignore pretty fast: -cinematics, intros and all kind of lame presentation -replays (i'm sure who did those it's a cricket fan) -players sending me mails -new training -match interviews -"new" english commentary (muted) -any mail from board -objectives (never read them, never have a clue about them) -player…
  • I dont care about this dead weight EA added for "statistics" fanboys. I skip any player "dialog" from mails, any match interviews, cinematics, now i turned off voice commentary (i didnt know this "alternative" commentary is that bad). All of this implemented because some dude can't sleep at night without this "features"…
  • Wasted time, they dont fix what they have, you want new ones? I want those also but this horse is already dead.
  • Are you really serious?!? The only good thing EA did was to slow down on showing yellow cards from minute one and you complain about it? This is why this game is as it is.
  • Talking about youth system....i barely got from scouts a medium-good young player, i've promote him to senior squad and 2 days he wants to leave because he wants bigger salary. I cannot renegociate with him because i just offered him a contract 2 days ago, and off course, the board decided to sell him. Is that great or…
  • yes, i have the same issue, all of my players are dead even 5 days later. Another "feature" from EA.
  • in outcast he's gonna wear a spandex dress. EA! It's in the game.
  • Becuase he doesnt have money to buy a decent dress. Do you enjoy the brand NEW FIFA?
  • In their eyes they dont loose customers, they make them move to FUT and milk them there. Where do i get the info? Are you joking? FIFA 07 had way more features in career mode: sponsors, training managers, fitness, stadium manager, ticket price management and so and so on. Where those features go? In the air? They ruin…
  • Who needs a body when you are a talent? Happy with your purchased game?
  • Funny how every FIFA version from the past 10 years had the same topic! FIFA 07 had WAY more features in career mode than this one. Do you think this is just a coincidence? NO. the reason they do this with intent is to make you to go FUT yourselfs.
  • This is another trick to destroy career mode. The value and the skills of the players are known in real world, why do i need a dude to stay 14 days to tell me something? What can you do in 14 days in real life? Nothing. I like the way the players are presented in initial screen: for example: stamina 12-87. I mean, it could…
  • I wanted to change an young player position from CAM to CM and they tell me he needs 345 weeks. In 345 week i better make him to build a space shuttle and go FUT himself on the moon.
  • People who are making this game have no clue about football. For them is just coding. If you play on Legendary the developer think ALL 4th League players should do trick moves like Ronaldinho. That is the level of their knowledge about football. This is why we have a joke of the game every year. The Fantastic "Game…
  • The career mode is made UN PURPOSE to be this way! We need you to buy coins and packs! We need you to go FUT yourself.
  • I am waiting for the version of the bald manager wearing a wedding dress. White shoes please!
  • Stick around, like every year, they will implement all features ASAP. Too bad they are busy with FUT until september 2021.
  • I am one of the people hating other players over the years focusing on demanding EA little things i can live well without, instead of returning the game to FIFA 07 features (sponsors, training managers, stadium tickets and so on). The modding community was huge and the game was good for that. Almost every country had their…
  • This is made on purpose, you need to change alot of codes to make this hapening. EA dudes are just having fun about career mode players, in their opinion just old guys getting the game to re-live old good times when this game was something. And is true, we are just a few and we are a joke subject. If we buy the game, good,…
  • i can live with those if the rest of the game was good, but this is the entire game: a bug.
  • If this was the ONLY problem of this game...OMG i will be so happy. I dont care about real life fixtures...i care about many things who are not fixed...year after year after year...and so on.
  • PES is limited, some people like it some dont. I dont. Is full of bad gameplay decisions like FIFA, different style, the same broken gameplay experience. A shame is to expect from EA to fix something for offline players. After the release, they have on a wall the red flags with ONLINE bugs and all the team members are…
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