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  • I pretty much don't care what team my opponent picks. As long as the game is legit and there's no cheating i.e. no fatigue hacks, no run around like superman the whole game hacks, no score with every shot hacks, then I'm good. If I get beat I get beat.
  • Cheaters have ruined the game. This is why I didn't buy FIFA 22 because it's going to be the same old story on PC. The cheaters will flourish, EA will do nothing, and people will still complain and not get listened to. I suffered at the hands of PC Cheaters since Fifa 19. Every iteration the cheating became more prolific…
  • You probably got demoted because you belong in Division 9 after cheating your way to division 3. lol.
  • Whatever you did, EA caught you doing it, so now you are banned. If you cheated, then you deserve it. If you coin swapped/distributed, you again deserve it. Enjoy your ban.
  • The information needed is not something I would post on the forum. For example, we are not allowed to name and shame cheaters. Also, any information posted that could identify the individual is not allowed. Instead, should I be contacted, which I haven't yet, then all necessary info would be provided. No one has even…
  • I don't believe you when you say you didn't cheat. You are, imho, one of the many people who have helped destroy the PC version of fifa when playing online. Enjoy your ban. Now jog.
  • 98% of the people moaning are mad that they got caught abusing the system. Now they want to come here and state they were hacked.
  • I'm jenny. I am Legend. Wanna be like me, drop us a call on 8675309
  • I 100% agree with this post. It's classic "I'm not what you think I am, YOU are what you think I am".
  • Cheating on the PC version has become a pandemic. I'm not even going to say much more than that because I doubt anyone cares. Just record your games like I do and if you come up against a cheat at least you will have evidence. With that, report them and hope for the best. ****SIDE NOTE**** The fatigue cheat, where your…
  • When you buy it.
    in Ea play Comment by Amon January 2021
  • If you go all out attack, run around the pitch giving it your all in the first 30 minutes of the game, those 2 goals you scored will mean nothing. Pace yourself and your team. Balance attacking and defending without exerting too much energy. Trust me when I say that if you balance things out, even if you are 3 goals down,…
    in Why?????? Comment by Amon January 2021
  • I hear ya brother. Those days were awesome. Realism is fine as some want an as close to an authentic football experience as possible. Me, though, I just want to play football 90's style. :)
  • I've seen trolls on forums before, but you absolutely are the king of them all.
  • If it only happens in some matches and not others it is because the matches you play where it happens is because your opponent is using a cheat tool to make your players fatigued. Are your opponents players always running around fresh when this happens?
  • Report him. At the end of the day anyone with a sense of humour like that is wrong in the head.
  • I've read a lot of the same regarding the PS5/XBoxSX versions. If they are not fit for purpose on those consoles Sony should remove the games from the store like they did to Cyperpunk. MS should do the same.
  • @Bonusb3rtie has issues with communicating via forums. Also, just for others to know before they chime in, nothing you believe, think, do, witness, is real or believable unless @Bonusb3rtie believes it.
  • This is why this year I only subscribed on origin month by month. I'm not and didn't renew the sub when it came round to it. I'm absolutely fed up to the back teeth of this game. It's not football and the beautiful game, It's stressball and the misery game. The cheaters have killed this game online in a bad way.
  • @omry23399 Have you done anything wrong to get your account banned from FUT online play?
  • You have no idea what you are going on about. Show me one game that has multiplayer capability and doesn't have cheaters. There is only so much that can be done with patches. Monitoring is the way to go. Instead of trying to patch the exploit, set up more monitors to catch those using said exploit. You need to grow up and…
  • I play on PC, don't have a console. FIFA Seasons is plagued with cheaters. I don't know what to say or do. When 4 out of 6 matches you go up against a cheat who either lags your team or voids the game when they are about to lose or draw, you begin to wonder what the point of playing the game is. I know EA can't track…
  • I completely understand when you say you bust your backside to try and make it a reasonable scoreline but the way you do it is better. Cheaters don't want a draw or a loss. They want to win. So, I'm going to do what the OP does. Waste their time and force them to quit. The thing is, it also gets very demoralizing when you…

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