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  • (Quote) I decided to quit two months ago. Fifa takes a lot of my time that I wanna spend on other things. I'm gonna be a third year student next year too, so things get a little intense at university too. I won the last league cup but I passed the …
  • (Quote) I've quit Fifa man but thanks.
  • (Quote) They cannot be that sloppy to have missed this for four years man! FOUR YEARS. If they are that sloppy, then I don't know what to say other than they all should be fired.
  • (Quote) There is no way that a programmer does not test everything that's in the game or will be in the game at some point. They surely tested special cards. And it's Fifa we're talking about, a huge team of programmers work on Fifa. Even the slopp…
  • Give me my refund.I don't want you investigating and saying that you're sorry and what not, giving everyone a free pack. It's just not acceptable. I was going to quit Fifa soon anyways. Made my decision two months ago, now I won't ever look back at …
  • @fluffymnuffy what did you expect man? These advisers don't know anything and you can't blame them either. They're just doing their job. It's EA and the studio that should answer not these guys.
  • (Quote) They shouldn't be able to get away with this. It's literally theft.
  • (Quote) I am basically telling you if a case against EA is made and it is won, it is possible that they have to refund some if not all the fifa points purchased. Sounds ridiculous but it is a possibility.
  • (Quote) Doesn't matter if they did this on purpose or not.
  • To anyone who says EA will win the case, just look at what happened to Sony just last week with PS3. They should pay 50$ to anyone in the US who bought a PS3 in a specific period. why? because of a feature that they advertised and wasn't actually as…
  • (Quote) That is probably true but you can't say the same thing about TOTW cards which are released every week.
  • (Quote) Who cares man. It's in the game. They have done false advertising. "Better" cards aren't actually better. For chemistry or any other reason.
  • (Quote) That's completely different. They don't guarantee card weights or anything in those lines. Opening packs is basically gambling and I think it is protected by TOS so they haven't actually done anything wrong in that case. It's unethical but …
  • (Quote) We don't know so many things because EA, being EA, are super freakin secretive about everything they do.
  • (Quote) Q&A with Chuboi when he was community manager at EA. Q7:
  • (Quote) Companies go bankrupt cause of it. These kids know nothing.
  • (Quote) Exactly. EA makes most of their income from Fifa and Fifa makes most of it from microtransactions on FUT, around 4-500 Million per year. Multiply that by four or five. That's how much they've made on Fifa points and people have been deceive…
  • (Quote) Do you know how much money they've made off of fifa point in the past few year? and it seems that this glitch has been around for a couple of years now. So, people were tricked into paying money to get cards that in some cases perform worse…
  • EA should get sued! This could be really big, like a multi million dollar case.
  • (Quote) Based on all the videos on this issue, every card that wasn't available on day 1, gets 4 chem which means a downgrade in stats.
  • (Quote) This is actually incorrect. Players at 4 chem get a downgrade in stats. check out this Q&A with Chuboi when he was still working in EA. Question #7:…
  • @Snipguy @Amargaladaster26 here's a Q&A with Chuboi when he still worked at EA. I know my stuff. check out question #7:
  • (Quote) Pretty sure it was after chem styles.
  • (Quote) You are saying that cards at 4 chem (base chem) perform exactly as how their cards suggest, correct? I am saying that based on a detailed post on the forums on chemistry, cards at 5 chem get no boost and no downgrade, and if chem lower than…
  • (Quote) Yeah, I know 4 is the base chem, but based on my understanding, cards at 5 chem perform exactly as they stats suggest. I say this based on an old post on the forums about chemistry. what's with anger, jesus dude!
  • (Quote) If they are at 4 chem, they perform worse, if at 5 they perform as they card stats. And compared to NIF cards which people usually use at 10 chem, meaning they get boosts, these IF cards perform actually worse than the NIF card.
  • (Quote) Whatever, some aspects, or all aspects. They are not performing as they say on the card, the way they should perform, the way they are advertised and people pay their hard-earned money for.
  • (Quote) No, the chem glitch works only for all players that have not been in the game upon release (IF, TOTS, TOTY, upgrades, position changes, etc.).
  • (Quote) Just hold the no touch dribble button and hold LS to the direction you're player is sprinting.

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