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  • Was in long enough to open a couple of packs and got booted out. Can’t get back in.
  • For those that went in on IFs over the last week, are you still holding or have you sold already? Many were thinking these would be needed for sbcs (eg, hero pp) leading into toty.
  • How does Icardi compare to FB Benzema?
  • I was wondering this as well. I have mid Eusebio and his price has dropped a couple hundred k over the past few days. I get people worry about him being packed in the icon pp but realistically how often will he get packed? I’m holding him for now. He might drop more but it is a fun card and I’m hoping he will rebound some…
  • Same. Did one of these last year thinking one of the 3 picks has to be usable and all were garbage. Will probably steer clear this time if it really costs this much.
  • What is a club scroll? Looked for the post you referred to but couldn’t find it.
  • Was thinking the same but I haven’t used Modric so can’t really speak to that. I’m currently using Zola as st or cam. I know some don’t like him but I have no regrets doing the sbc. Fun card.
  • Passing is all over the place. Also, keeper throwing balls out from the back like I didn’t put any power behind it and going in the opposite direction. Very inconsistent. Feels like my players are running in slow motion. Took a couple of games but I think I just need to try and slow down. The problem is it feels like my…
  • Don’t know why I keep getting pulled back into these….3x84
  • Companion app can be buggy for me when doing sbcs. If I just search club high/low it sometimes doesn’t show everything in my club. But if I add another filter (eg, league) it seems to help. Wish they would fix it. I’m sure I have bought cards unnecessarily to finish out an sbc.
  • Modric and 2x85
  • Game the past couple of weeks has been a pure mess. It is hard enough for me to get players into an open position to shoot and I’m sick and tired of every time recently they get in prime position I get huge button delay/lag and the game just ignores my shot or tries to shoot 2 seconds later. It is almost pointless playing.
  • I like him and no regrets doing it. However, I’m not great at Fifa (got to Rivals division 5 before reset). Feels good on the ball and really good shot. Can get pushed around at times which can be annoying but overall no regrets from me.
  • 83 was highest rated.
  • What chem style are you using on Eusebio? Sold most of my fodder and considering picking up Eusebio to try out.
  • I looked at price charts for some mid icons (e.g., Eusebio, Ronaldinho, etc) in fifa 21 and noticed many of the top icons hit a pretty big low price point from around January 3 going into toty. Then prices went up following toty and stayed high for a while. Not sure if the trend will be the same this year and for all icons…
  • 3x 84. Just confirmed that I need to stay away from the icon gamble sbc.
    in 84+ PP Pulls Comment by Allsop January 4
  • Sometimes it will do that. Just close out the app and go back in to restart the process.
  • But why do something to push part of your customer base away when they would still make money hand over fist even allowing traders to make coins?
  • What I don’t get is that most either fall into one of two camps (never buy FP vs those that buy). I don’t really see a strategy from EA that would change people’s minds on which camp they fall into. It is obvious that EA are currently selling FP like crazy or they wouldn’t continue on with the current strategy. They could…
  • I’d have no problem with players being ultra cheap and market in the tank if the pack weight was equal for all cards in the game. That is including the top end cards like WW Neymar, the new Mbappe, top tier icons. However, the game isn’t set up that way. The only chance at ever getting them is with the more packable…
  • Maybe most will but unless something changes I won’t be getting any future versions of fifa. Guess I will have to find something else to do as I don’t play many other games. Mostly stick to sports games as they are family friendly. Any suggestions on a good/fun sports game to pick up?
  • Maybe search and filter by “most recent”?
  • It is hard enough for me to win in these plus they throw in scoring outside the box. Only doing GG as I can’t see wasting time trying for that in a full game.
  • Keep discarding duplicates up to 83 rated so I can continue to open new packs. Won’t be doing this any longer. All my duplicates and stored up packs can sit there along with all my tradable fodder until they give us something worthwhile to put it into.
  • How long is WW team 2 in packs?
  • Have several high rated duplicates. Really wish they would release something I actually want to complete. Would have considered Best but pulled Messi from the 78+ pp yesterday. I normally don’t do the icon sbcs but might have with the way duplicates are starting to pile up.
  • Normally don’t get anything out of these but just packed Messi.
  • Honestly, if most want to sell then go for it. I’m holding mine but maybe if there is a big sell off on fodder then EA will finally let it rise.
  • So tired of new promos every single week. Did they do this last year?
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