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  • (Quote) It’s frustrating as anything. Interestingly each time the latency has been 1 or 2 bars, I’ve been the away team. The delay is horrendous. Genuinely can’t believe the servers in this day and age are this bad.
    in Latency Comment by AliT September 27
  • The most complete striker I’ve played with this year. He plays like a tank. Extremely agile and finishes everything. I’m an average player, but he’s 22 in 11 for me, including some W/L games. Couldn’t recommend him enough.
  • H/L Sane. Powerful and direct.
  • (Quote) This. I was lucky to pull his 91 version in the icon futswap and I absolutely love him. No player will replace him unless I got his higher versions. Even though he has a poor w/f, he’s more agile than most and can shift the ball quicker tha…
  • Had this exact same question last week. Not viable solutions so just stayed with him!
  • Might increase when Futties Sanchez is available as a fut swap. People looking for the strong link etc.
  • (Quote) Got Bobby F up top, love him there. Fabinho is a good shout though.
  • (Quote) Used him, had issues with his stamina. Loved him though. Got PIM Blanc CB, otherwise would have snapped him up. Maybe I’ll revisit Ndombele.
  • (Quote) If I didn’t have fellaini I would consider this. Not sure I could cope with two big CDMs.
  • (Quote) I’ve thought about him. I have scream fellaini next to him at the moment and like the little and large combo!
  • Will just stick with Kante then, unless there are other suggestions. Probably couldn’t fit Allan in the team and Wjinaldum might not feel much of an upgrade.
  • (Quote) Playing him ST on his own. Tried him at CAM, but couldn’t get on with him there. He’s quick enough and nimble enough to play up there imo.
  • Only played 3 games with him, but my word, he is unreal.
  • (Quote) Thanks. Always found any version of Socrates challenging to play with (in draft), quite clunky as you say. However, he always seems great when playing against him.
  • (Quote) I disagree. I have his hero card and he’s excellent. Not everyone gets on with every player though!
  • (Quote) Yeah! Going to see what I get for rewards Thursday and then try and get him. But now I’ve played with ADP I wanna keep him and get Bobby F too. He can replace Rashford up top.
  • Went for 87 ADP in the end. Thought that at least he will keep his value if I change my mind next week. Although Bobby F has just been re-released and I couldn’t afford him before, so maybe with rewards this week I can grab him!
  • For what it’s worth, I asked a similar question. Plucked for 87 ADP. He’s excellent. Exactly what I was looking for. Always in the right place, finishing is excellent, but it’s his passing that does it for me. Worth a punt for sure.
  • (Quote) Cool, thanks for that. A few options I can weigh up!
  • (Quote) I was contemplating Bernardo Silva. Every time I play against him he seems a nuisance. Thought about 91 Eriksen as his stats seems decent. Might have to give ADP a go though, seems to be a lot of hype about him!
  • (Quote) Might have to change my team around (somehow) and try some of the above mentioned players.
  • (Quote) Got the NIF and I love him, but he just feels a little slow at turning. Unsure if a +1 would make a difference?
  • (Quote) I’ve heard mixed reviews on Socrates. Have you tried either?
  • (Quote) No need to apologise. Eluding to the extra C for being central. Duly note that you are correct however.
  • (Quote) I had considered this as he seems to have great reviews. Annoyed at myself for being so EPL centric. I’ve got 91 KDB, but didn’t really rate him this year. Maybe I’ll give him a go again! Thanks for your input.
  • (Quote) I honestly don’t notice it, but perhaps because I know how dominant he is on his left. Even when players know I’m going that way they can’t get close. He’s got decent balance, or at least feels it and can push the ball out quicker than a de…
  • Best chem style for him? Find him quite clunky at the moment.
  • I play 91 Maradona up top with Torres in a 4222. Works well. Love how Maradona feels, kind of strokes the ball everywhere and his dribbling is top notch. Kind of needed now against all the top defenders that players can get their hands on. No real n…
  • I found that too. Highly frustrating.
    in Ndombele Comment by AliT May 29
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