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  • Issue Summary: There are no international breaks (yet again) in the championship, often leaving teams without enough players Issue Details: I play with Cambridge and have got to the championship. On international breaks both my keepers along with …
  • I pay £50 to only play career mode - and they cant even bug fix it properly, let alone bring in multiple new features to overhaul. I'd rather ❤️❤️❤️❤️ in my hands and clap than give them another penny
  • Players a growing enormously in my team, though I am playing lower league with young players (18-24 ish). Mix of training (not too much on each player) and experience. Do bear in mind that if you train your players they will grow less naturally. …
  • Well I bought an 18y/o RM 66 OVR from Napoli for ~800k with the cash as well as a few others, hoping he'll grow to world class. Potentially this LB Amos was a similar 2nd season generated player that's gained 4ovr per season (starting in late 60's)…
  • Interesting. I only ever play career mode and didnt experience what you describe, as in each of my 9-10 careers in Fifa 15 the same players were bugged if I bought them. It was quite a useful trick given the fact budgets didn't increase properly f…
  • @LordBob please provide a link and details! This is such an awful part of the game
  • Worth noting that if you find you dont have much space in their half (seems a few have this issue), pull your players back in your formation. It may look like it's more defensive but this will give them space to run into, rather than standing in it…
  • Bless, but it's not a 'feature'. It's not random, it's this specific player (see comments on sofifa regarding others who have found this player to be bugged). There were bugged players in 15 who jumped up when you signed them, but they were never …
  • I switch between a 4-4-2 diamond with the 2 central mid positions adjusted as far wide as possible whilst remaining LCM and RCM, and the strikers set a bit wider 4-2-3-1 with the wide players pushed forward to create a diamond with the CAM and CF …
  • Well - offers came in after 6 months (Jan after I signed him for free in July) 17m to Hannover Better than a financial takeover... Lets hope the budget carries across to next season
  • It was immediately noticeable, basically the game got very easy. Initially I thought it was just me but then came on here and everyone had felt it. I just found the above settings help to pull it back to a game where varied approaches are feasible
  • (Quote) This is happening to a lot of people
  • No this was not fixed in the patch. Nor has the multiple other bugs (youth players not accepting a 1yr contract because it is 'too short', cant sign loan to buy players etc). Unlikely that they will fix career mode. In previous years bugs have be…
  • It's a bug. Report it if you like. Doubt EA will fix tbh
  • When they have the ball, don't close them down until they're in your half. This reduces their space and forces errors due to less time on the ball. It also give room to counter attack into.
  • Well it's down to how they work out your board expectations for the season. Basically they look at your team OVR and compare it to others in the new division. Most human players tend to sign younger players, work well with the transfers and funds …
  • No. I had around 193k from my first season. New season budget in L1 800k exactly with no mention of b/f Basically you need to use the workaround still where you offer it to a player in wages then sell the player to recoup the funds.
  • This is him on sofifa - 65 ovr 72 potential. Looks like he's glitched according to the comments so a player bug not a career mode bug. He's transfer listed first season so if you have ~750k (or can wait to sign on …
  • Player is - Diego Falcinelli
  • Issue Summary: Pre season tournament subs are reduced in 2nd-3rd seasons. As In you can only take 3 subs to the match. Issue Details: First season I get 7 subs in the tournament. Second season I get 5. 3rd I get 3 subs. Game Mode: Career Mode. …
  • There have been a couple of reports of where pre contract players dont sign (however you still have to pay their wages out of your budget). I'm not sure it's all the time though. I've signed a pre contract player (4k wages) for Cambridge. Current…
  • Game play is enjoyable however there are crashes that need to be fixed - well documented cross platform bug with specific new signings (not all). I'm sure there will be a patch though... just a shame there's no news as to when
  • Deleted my own post here
  • (Quote) No mate it wasnt. Check the posts about virgins/who is the best at the game etc. Bum clenchingly embarrassing
  • There is no player/manager mode. It's one or the other
  • Deleted my own post here
  • (Quote) I am indeed on PC but check the career mode bug thread champ Not yet experienced the crash myself but it's occurring widely on all platforms. Looks to be related to specific player signings in Jan, so wont affect all customers. Sure I kn…
  • Fair enough. In 15 I'm sure there was cash for each round of progression for JPT and FA cup, not sure about League Cup. Could have changed to be fair. Will see if I can find out more in the next season
  • Ok so last night at a point maybe a week after losing in the 3rd round of FA cup I received 67k and a notification about it. Thought it looked a little low though and came in late. Also doesnt reflect the prior rounds? Maybe a bug?
  • If there are devs reading this please check the Career Mode Bugs Thread as many many people are encountering the game crash when you sign certain players. This is across all platforms too
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