Is anyone actually following through with "not buying 21"?



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    Zalisis wrote: »
    - Completely tone deaf updates for 21. Consistent feedback that dragbacks are unrealistic and cheap. What do EA do? Allow more to be chained together next year with less movement penalty.

    Come on, now. They've also made it so you have to press FOUR buttons to do a dragback! So that will entirely fix the problem!

    I mean, unless you're playing someone using an Xbox One Elite controller, where they can just map the buttons to the four paddles on the back so they only have to squeeze the controller a bit to do a dragback.

    Or against someone on PC, where they can use very simple software to remap a button to trigger all four presses, entirely legally.

    Or against anyone with fingers, because pressing four buttons on the top of the controller isn't remotely difficult.
  • torakun
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    I am buying ps5. If fifa 21 on ps5 is more than copy paste, I'll be getting it for that version only. If it's just a copy paste with slightly better graphic, I'll be skipping it easy.

    Bought the game on March.. Now have 32 million worth of squad and still have active coins to spend. I'll enjoy until I'm super bored of this. Even then I'll try to move on to other game first.
  • WryLucky
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    I didn't buy 20 and I'll probably do the same here.
  • Ctrl_Alt_DeLigt
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    erdhfdsjh wrote: »
    Wasn't done with 18, so skipped 19. Not done with 20, skipping 21. I need more time to reach the ultimate team when the top players are so expensive. Also, i have full confidence in EA to screw up the move between consoles this year.

    Same for me, played 18 well into summer 2019, skipped 19, brought 20 on release date. The plan is to keep playing that, now that the game feels more enjoyable as it seems a lot of the toxic players have left. Im undecided on 21 and will read reviews and gameplay vids before i make a decision, but im not planning on buying it at this stage.
  • aziz_221
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    If there is alternative I won`t buy it
    I buy ps4 just to play football games
    We have to play VS Ea A.I next year
  • 100%. If I want to play a football game, I will play FIFA 20. I may be back for the ps5 version of Fifa
  • RSL183
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    Sold my ps4 to beat the addiction. Have no intention to play. Keep coming to the forums to remind myself of the toxicity
  • Headshrinker363
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    Gave up 20 in January, sold my PS4 in March. Will play FM on MacBook when it comes out.
  • Gnomenclature
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    I'm out too. Games too demanding, frustrating, and addicting.

  • Rossco160715
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    Nope. I’ve said this before and I have buckled however this year, with the release of the PS5, it has made it an easy decision to walk away from Fifa.

    It’s the only game I play and I am not spending the money on a PS5 to play a substandard card collecting game.
  • Rossco160715
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    Actually, Fifa has become such a boring chore that I was at my cousins house recently and he dusted off his old N64 and the fun we had playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart completely nullifies any will to buy Fifa
  • BadSeedsFC
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    Actually, Fifa has become such a boring chore that I was at my cousins house recently and he dusted off his old N64 and the fun we had playing Goldeneye and Mario Kart completely nullifies any will to buy Fifa

    Goldeneye is so much fun, man! What a classic!

    If you play on Xbox, you should give a try to the remaster of Perfect Dark. It's available on the Game Pass, or you can get it for about 10 bucks if you don't want the subscription. It was the spiritual sequel to Goldeneye back in the days, and the remaster edition is a perfect addition to the games library of any Goldeneye fan.
  • eltonholm
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    No, already pre-ordered. Never said im not gonna buy either. Most ppl saying they're not gonna buy are liars anyway :)
  • HullCity1904
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    edited August 2020
    I will be buying it 2nd hand around xmas only for pro clubs. Will not partake in anything FUT related. Since they didn't add much to the game though it could be collectively non of us get the game.

    Might be wise not to get it at all... we only did well in Pro clubs because I had played a ton of Fut champs and knew the ❤️❤️❤️❤️ abusive mechanics of the game.

    if all you play is casual pro clubs, you're probably not gonna go very far.
  • Knowlesdinho
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    eltonholm wrote: »
    No, already pre-ordered. Never said im not gonna buy either. Most ppl saying they're not gonna buy are liars anyway :)

    Usually true, but I think that there are actually a fair few that mean it this year.
  • Mogga
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    After this mornings latest rivals attempt where I was somehow watching his goalkeeper whilst the ball was in my box and then when they did eventually score I couldn't even adjust tactics because that had glitched out.....enough is enough. 20 something patches to make something worse than it was at release. It's some achievement like in my eyes.

    They can stick 21, there is not a hope in hell I will pay money for that
  • Ferrari_LFC10
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    I'm patiently waiting for Fifa 21 cant wait really.
  • Ballist1x
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    Unless they fix through balls passes being utterly stupid at times.

    Near post goal spam


    Players stupidly running offside

    Ben yedder out jumping defenders with anchor chem

    Players with less than 99 bal/agility getting knocked over despite 90+ strength



    *i know they mentioned offside but im skeptical
  • otutsarTR
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    No , still not buying
  • Aspas10
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    It's just going to be an evolution of fifa 20. Absolutely pointless and the same game.
    Probably won't buy another game till the next gen console
  • Hugoku
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    I'm buying it. Around march probably.
  • ManC2020
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    TTGM wrote: »
    In before "see you next year" replies. But I actually aren't buying the next version 100% if you think this game and company are changing for the better you will only get fooled once again by the toxicity of this brand and community.

    But it's alright because a few youtubers have hinted that heading is back. game ever ever played

    It's my last FIFA game. It's not even close to the game I played out on the pitch. It's simply turned into a hodge podge of pretty uniforms, laggy gameplay, etc.

    Ghost of Tsushima has my attention these days and is soon going to be multiplayer.

    Going to hope that PES is better in 2020.
  • Rich
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    For all the people saying they won't be buying I'm just curious to know which edition you've preordered?
  • StarfishC
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    Every year the same thread!

    What I will say is that I skipped 19 altogether, and was genuinely surprised at how badly FUT 20 plays, in every mode, compared to even 18 (which wasn't great). I mean, in all the years of FUT I've never been surprised at the direction of a pass before - that I'm actually looking at the wrong side of the TV as it pings back to a defender! When your style of play is mainly quick passing, this is a problem.

    The game engine is very, very poor. It's impossible to anticipate anything, as it's so far removed from the natural movement and flow of a real game of football. In short, it has all of the frustrations of real football (fluffing shots, wayward headers, poor passing) but no true-to-life mechanics that helps you improve this.

    So there's two possibilities with 21... I'll either skip it completely, or wait until it's £20 again. I've never paid over £30 for any FIFA, never bought a single FIFA point - and I'm very proud of it.
  • MUFC_420
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    I was set on getting it until about an hour ago. Just seen there's a new golf game PGA tour 2K21 out and I'm seriously considering getting that and skipping fifa for a year as this year will probably be a complete mess with them trying to transition to the new gen.

    The golf could be my main game with the new CoD BOCW being my secondary game. Couldn't play all 3 seriously as there isn't enough hours in the day. Going to have a good think about this over the next couple of days.
  • Headshrinker363
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    Rich wrote: »
    For all the people saying they won't be buying I'm just curious to know which edition you've preordered?

    Would be pretty silly if I pre ordered it considering I don’t have a console/pc to play it on.
  • HullCity1904
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    i mean it's fifa 20 with even more BS and coat of paint. Also i've just seen Madden and urgh this company is the worst.Not a chance i\m falling for this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ again. Good luck those that do.
  • Pnub
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    If Icon sbc's aren't brought back I just don't see myself buying the game.
    I have done 42 of the various PIM and Prime icon sbc's this year without getting any of the Icons I actually want where in 19 that would have easily been enough for Gullit/Eusebio/Cryuff/Ronaldo. Keep swaps but remove Rivals from objectives but let us work towards the Icons we want through sbcs and they should be available from the start of the game.
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