Should EA ban loan cards in WL



  • Mr_Matchup1
    6651 posts Big Money Move
    Why is this even a thing? It’s a competitive mode where people can use cards that they don’t own.

    If it was truly a competitive mode everyone would be able to pick from the best players to even the playing field, baffled that people have a problem with loans but not with people spending thousands to gain an advantage
  • Burnzee Boyee
    380 posts Sunday League Hero
    Loan cards are crap as are the ones who play them, especially this late on when the game is dead to everyone on the planet.
  • Headshrinker363
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    Should be limited to a certain number per game, say 2/3 loan cards per game. I think it’s beneficial to see how cards work in what’s supposed to be the most competitive game mode.
  • ContraCode64
    4463 posts National Call-Up
    Makes no sense to me to block attribute cards but allow people to field teams full of top tier loan players or sub them on when they're struggling.
  • SomeLegend
    1482 posts Play-Off Hero
    just played a wl game with the opponent using 8 loans I just laughed at the tramp 5-0 easy win
  • Rossco160715
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    It’s pathetic playing against 4231 drop back cowards with 5+ loan icons.
  • Bobo23
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    edited August 2020
    The start of FIFA 21 is going to be a loan fest. Especially with all these current objectives on 20 giving loans for the start of 21.

    Hope everyone's starter teams on 21 are prepared for those Neymars, Mbappes etc to rip through their 80 rated defenders :joy:
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