Looks like EA removed shushing celebration from FIFA21.

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It this decision in the right direction, because of the high levels of toxicity in FIFA 20?
Any other suggestions?


I have one suggestion:
- Dropping off a game, after a red card, or, right before a penalty, should give the win to the player that kept online.


  • DaMMian
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    Could you check whether the servers are working properly? Because I am not too interested in celebrations.
  • tedski69
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    Ah, so someone who pays EA silly money every years has complained about that too eh?
  • MUFC_420
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    It's a positive move don't know why there would be negative reactions.
  • selb
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    Remove shushing, add crying celebration, take one evil and replace it with another.
  • Arron xox
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    Take it out because people was complaining about a celebration just shows how bad this community is
  • Damo_Suzuki
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    Don't care about being shushed. Having to watch full replays for every goal when a game is a 7-6 or so scoreline is the most annoying thing. They should let you search for games with a 'no replays' option then those of us who want to play normally can get on with it and the chumps can waste their time annoying each other together.

    Not that I'm getting 21 anyway.
  • D0lvl
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    I dislike having been forced to watch replays of dumb goals especially EA assisted goals. However, I can see why some people do watch replays. To waste time is one of them. Sometimes when I’m building up a big lead, I’ll just let the replays go. Chance of opponent in quitting and also ending the game as fast as possible before EA lends a helping hand to equalize the score or worse yet lose on some BS goal.
  • tzinc
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    PES only force you to watch 1 celebration and no replays
  • truegunn3r
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    edited July 28
    Shushing will return as a season objective
  • Destin8or
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    truegunn3r wrote: »
    Shushing will return as a season objective

    Road To Shush
  • Batman442
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    They added a crying celebration that will be the new shhh
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