Not enough French special cards..

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Cmon EA.. We want more..


  • HyperOCD
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    Not a problem about them French
    Problem its the same position over and over
    Left side
  • GTaylor
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    I think the thing that staggers me is that it's the same nation and the same positions....

    LW now has Diaby, Coman and Ribery

    LB now has given a free Mendy and now a free Roussillon.

    A French RB would've been useful however.
  • JimNoShoes
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    It is almost as if they are the current world champions......
    Admittedly a different position would be nice, got ribery, Vinicius, perisic and now coman as my wl options
  • pavan791
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    Ea keep making summer heat cards redundant, never mind historical versions.
  • Hugoku
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    My TOTSSF Davies is plummeting :lol:

    Put it on transfer but doubt it will sell as the BIN keeps lowering

    oh well, I'll wait after the obj is over and see where it stands.
  • Gnomenclature
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    Didn't EA say at the beginning of the game cycle that France would be a recurring theme through fut 20? Could be wrong about that though...
  • solnasolna08
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    We need a Martial and a Pogba card!!
  • Dannyh328
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    It would be really nice if the crosses registered on the roussillon challenge 😂😂😂😂
  • Zeke1216
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    Well let me tell you about lenglet tomorrow
  • JohnDoe
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