div 5 rivals, wtf, skill level gone up so much

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Playing some real top quality players in div 5 at moment, with all the best players in teams, must be droppers yet again. but every game they playing like there family life is on the win. Glad i have a life outside fifa lol


  • NucksNation
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    I was in div 4 and lost close to 600 points and dropped yet I still face some good skilled players. I don’t care about the team it’s the player himself but I got my a$$ kicked few times
  • VasilisZgate7
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    Talk to yourself as...le shadowler
  • hhoverflow
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    You basically made a thread to tell that you get rekt by other players and that is fine because they have no life (just because they are better than you) and you have one.

    What a loser mentality.

    Don't get me wrong. EA is a horrible company and this game is pure trash. But those people that say things like "if you beat me, it's because you have no life outside" are the highest level of losers.

    Don't be such a pathetic spoiled person with this mentality. The world has already enough of this weak type.
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