Ea radio silence.

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I would love to know if the amount of players playing this game is decreasing.

This game is now absolute dross.

Lag, EA influence in the game, boring play with the tactics devised, rivals a waste of time with players not playing in correct division due to EA’s idiotic objectives method.

Oh and did I mention lag, delay and the absolute mess of servers which on many occasions will decide who wins a match.

The Community managers or whatever they are called on here are an absolute waste of time. The evidence of this is the game has not changed and in fact got WORSE.

If this game was a dog it would have been put down


  • dina00079
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    Leave the dog alone. It’s someone else who should be put down...guess where they work?
  • Gazmac_868
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    Wait till the hype starts for Fifa 21 they will no doubt come out of hiding for that.
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