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I lost 2 games in a row because of the incompetents that wrote your network code, EA!
Did you hear about reconnect/retries/reliability? Maybe it's time to invest in some people that actually know what they're doing with all the money you're getting from the weekly pack releases!
It's unacceptable that we're still plagued by the same networking issues that were present in past Fifas!
It's unacceptable that I'm getting booted out of the game I'm winning, all the way to main menu, because of connection loss when I can immediately reconnect. Clash Royale has better networking code than Fifa, and that's a mobile game, you jokes!


  • TDOF
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    did you turn your router off and back on again?

    if you did, try it again!

    oh that didn't work either?

    well clearly it's your fault, not our great servers at EA!
  • ErikTheBlue
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    It's f****d. Cant string 2 pass together, players falling over, tackling the opponent 4 times only for it to bounce straight back to him, whilst all he has to do is fart next to my players for them to give up possession. Seriously, just do away with the commentary for 21 and just have the Benny Hill theme tune on a loop.

    What happened? The few days after the last patch it was really responsive now it's an absolute trash fire. Has Summer Heat literally melted the potato that are their servers?
  • DafuqJustHappen
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  • DafuqJustHappen
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    And another disconnect. GG EA, GG!
  • Ballerson
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    Yep, 3 of 6 games disconnect and then got the dnf message — what junk.
  • AngryFUTplayer
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    I just literally had the same for three straight games
  • Dragon0102
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    Just saying - COD servers are great right now.
    Why are you playing this ❤️❤️❤️❤️ game anyway? I just do SBC on app and check forum.
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