Need a cam for under 1.5mil

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This is my team plz send help. Thought about moments adp, fb griezman


I also have red 93 lala for a rb option


  • Mic2904
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    You can’t go wrong with ADP. Have you tried Socrates? He is great as well and gives you a bit more power and strength which your team could use.
    Still, great team 💪
  • Oweyman
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    You could get FUT Birthday Hazard, use him as a wide CAM and use Messi as your CAM? I think that would be the best way for you to work it.
  • stevotrueblue
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    If you just want to have some fun in the last couple of months then you could also get Mid Ronaldinho. His skills are still as OP as ever and he is actually pretty clinical at finishing as well.
  • abhreebhu_45
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  • Retropoe82
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    Benzema he's quality, use lala then
  • Lebrowndj
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    Cheers guys, not sure about Socrates adp or nedved atm. Not that keen on Zola’s low Stam, bday hazard is a shout, a little scared buying fut bday cards. I think they will get re-released next week.
  • Retropoe82
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    No shout out for benzema? Tbh if i had that line up he'd straight make the team. Question tho hows modric? I'm using benzema as a cm. Gets the goals on go forward an get in the box. But his defending well stand tackles really poor. Just wonder if modric can defend well enough with his size an strenth?
  • Lebrowndj
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    Has anybody used Benzema at cam seems more like a st
  • Blade19
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    Bruno Fernandes, might as well relegate yourself and get it done like everyone else 😂😂
  • RedRogue
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    FUT Birthday Griezmann.
    Strong link with Messi.
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