91 Kante or 93 Ndombele

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Price reasonably close. Is Kante that much better defensively? Stats favor Ndombele but Kante always annoying to play against. Need him for Mendy / Mane link.


  • Stevo_CT
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    I am playing with both these players in one of my teams.
    91 Kante is better at breaking up play, holding a defensive line, harassing the opposition.
    Ndombele is better at taking the ball forward, linking mid to attack.

    Both amazing players. I guess, depending on your team and formation, Kante for proper CDM, and Ndombele for box to box.
  • garmak
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    Great. Thanks for the feedback. Figured Ndombele was definitely usable but good to know Kante still works too.
  • Mmandras
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    Also having both in my team. 92 Kante is amazing at defensive play. No one comes even close.
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