Icon/La Liga CBs

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What are your best CBs from a choice of la Liga or icons?

And is moments Ramos still good enough? Pondering him or PIM capita as RB slotting into a back 3.


  • Lackosweat
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    I love the partnership of Prime / PIM Blanc and Moments / TOTS Ramos :#
  • D0lvl
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    tots ramos and Prime rio are my current cb’s.

    rio has benched militao for me. PLays much better and stronger.
  • tom4s
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    PIM Carlos Alberto looks really juicy as a CB....

    How would you complete a back 3 of TOTS Ramos and PIM Capita?
  • Skywalker XVII
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    Easily Diego Carlos.

    Only tradeable player in my team and he's so good that I just cant get rid of him.

    Been thinking about changing to tots Ramos for max chem but I feel like Carlos on 8 chem is probably better since I have VVD who likes to move forward a lot.
  • tom4s
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    any other opinions? :)
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