accidentally submitted card to SBC

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i accidentally submitted my 85 FUTMAS Mendy to SBC PRIME ICON UPGRADE.. while i am almost finish my 3rd objective (6/10). can i get back those card??? or i must forget my dream to get 93 LB MENDY?? :'( pls HELP ME....


  • chris7
    19 posts Last Pick at the Park
    forgot the dream it’s gone forever
  • Arya_one
    1 posts Ball Boy
    @chris7 thx for the info... its hurt. never do something like this before. OMG... what am i thinking... very rare LB since 92 requilon... now there is 93 mendy but make blunder like this... :'(

    616 posts An Exciting Prospect
    🤣 un lucky bud you have to be more careful ... everytime I completed and received and new mendy I thought about those that will be making this mistake ... only a game and this games trash,broke and nearly finished 😉
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