Now that weekend league is cooling down who has been your top 3?

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Your top 3 players that always get you results in the big games. One forward, one midfielder and one defender


  • Neil_14
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  • Arsenalman
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    Neil_14 wrote: »

    Two of the players I’d like to try, lewan and Ramos
  • Lackosweat
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    TOTS CR7
    TOTS Ramos
  • Delboy13710
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    Lucas MVP
    And Surprisingly Fuchs (LCB in a 3)
  • SomeNextGuy
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    Based on throughout Fifa 20:

    Gold Rashford
    SS Marcelo
    Flashback Boateng

    For the last month or I'd replace Rashford for TOTS Messi, but there's no question that for the best part of five months at the beginning, Rashford was more or less the most effective striker on the game.
  • BaseCamp
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    PIM R9, PIM Gullit, TOTY Van Dijk
  • Baby Ferdinand
    Mid Gullit
    92 red Mbappe
  • Dutch3723
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    Over the whole game:
    Def- Semedo - even as the special cards started flooding in, he still stayed in my team for quite some time.
    Mid - Kante - he’s now left the team due to to TOTS etc... but for most of the game he’s been that solid rock at cdm
    Att - Mbappe - pulled him in the first couple of weeks. Over 1500 goals later and he’s still in the team scoring for fun!
  • GoonerDude81
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    Gerrard 89
    Hummels 96
  • ASX
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    1. Moments Lucas - Scored several hatricks
    2. TOTSSF Son - Lethal from the left midfield with free roam, scores and assists for fun
    3. Flashback Modric - Such a fun player to use, using him as a CM with balanced instructions, some godly passes and lovely long shots
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    Birthday Bale
    Toty De Jong
    Swap Maldini
  • limjitwe
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    FB Mbappe again
    Marquinhos (surprisingly better than PIM Rio)
  • Estaban
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    De Jong
    Dumfries - almost said Taglaficio. was pretty impressed after dropping down from Telles.
  • Futmas mendy
    Mid Matthaus
    Tots Messi
  • rukawai
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    TOTS CR7
    Moments Ramos
    TOTY De Jong
  • MIG40970
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    NIF Varane
    Objectives Thorsby
    TOTS Aguero
  • Chavez76
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    Entire Fifa:
    CB toty De Ligt
    MF: toty De Jong
    Att: Nif Neymar
  • Dev_ol
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    Att: TOTS Neymar
    Mid: PIM Pirlo
    Def: TOTS Davies (contributes so much to the attack)
  • Wayno69
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    NIF CR7 - 31g 12a in about 19 WL games


    FB Boateng
  • PelzyWelzy
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    Over the course of the game has to be Red IF Neymar, that Thorsby card from season progress stuff was great and played well above his stats... and last but not least Lautoro Martinez, all his special versions have been bonkers goalscoring wise.
  • Nodge86
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    It’s just an obvious thing to say but tots CR7. I’ve never had a player able to break through the BS and score regardless. I liked Kroos, very surprised by his defensive ability just some mobility issues at times. And tots Sancho off the bench.
  • PaulDr
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    The connection ruined this weekend league. Modric 96 was awful though. I should have learnt as his futmas card was equally disappointing for me after a bright start. Might go back to Kroos. Best player is still 90 Dalglish and moments Maja continues to be an incredible supersub. I thought totw Ronaldo would be an upgrade from Nedved 89, I could not have been more wrong. In bad gameplay nedved is far better
  • Mackie17
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    PIM Zola
    PIM makelele
    Prime desailly
  • Massman
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    Tots tevez (god)
    Tots nani (keeps tots.neymar on the bench)
    prime blanc
  • Stone_cold_tea93
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    Gold Mendy
    Gold Sissoko
    Gold WBY
  • Mmandras
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    TOTS Aubameyang
    TOTS Gueye
    TOTS Smalling
  • Oweyman
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    For when I used them,

    Gold Neymar, I use his headliners now and its brilliant
    TOTY Kante, I only used him for the first time around a month ago but he is so so solid
    TOTS Varane, nobody comes close to him that I've used
  • Dave
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    TOTS Richarlison
    Flashback Allan
    TOTS Thiago Silva
  • Maddez
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    TOTY Kante
    Opara tots
  • WelshXavi
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    TOTSSF Mbappe
    TOTSSF Henderson
    TOTY Van Dijk
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