How’s your weekend league going?


  • Mmandras
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    I had a really good start, 7-2... But right there on silver 2 limit, "pro" opponents galore started, so lost few in a row in the most fustrating matches. I'm targeting 11 wins again, 14 if I'm very lucky.

    I'm pretty sure all the G1/Elite guys are using disconnect exploit, it's impossible to win consistantly with this connection and matchmaking...
  • JWNYsg
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    Last 4 games. Needed to win all for G3

    Win 3 and feeling high

    Last game. I’m down 2 goals twice but managed to go ET. He scores. I equalise. I think it’s penalties coming.

    Lewandowski scores winner in 120 min. My hands are shaking but completed the task.

    Had no free games to give away today :(
  • Bobo23
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    17-2 so far. Usually get E3 but was planning to just stop at 17 wins this week. But this has been the easiest WL I've played for ages, so I might just continue!
  • Mikep2212
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    started well 7/5 but Cudnt even make silver 1 this week in 30 games. My team just melted the defending was woeful the ammount of slow stray passes and 50/50s where the opponents player took the ball even though they are weak as ❤️❤️❤️❤️ players was mind numbing. Not too mention the 100 goals i conceeded run down the wing do a ❤️❤️❤️❤️ skill (because i had delay the ai ❤️❤️❤️❤️ itself) then just tap it in 4231 sheep. The games on its arse well and truely
  • PaulDr
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    Got to 11 but need to win the last three to get my usual gold 3. Dont think I will do it as the connection has been poor this weekend.
  • shepj6
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    edited June 14
    Bloody awful, 10-12. Not finished outside G2 all season (played every weekend league), struggling to make G3 at this rate. Disconnects all over the place, 3 disconnects in 6 games this morning on PC, from which I get the loss in 2. 6 Disconnects in my last 9 games in total, with 4 losses attributed to me as a result. It's a f****g joke.

    Up to this weekend not had one disconnect in weekend league on PC all year.
  • Habermas
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    I was 10-3, now 14-11, so need 3 wins out of 5. Waiting for the misses to leave the house so I can cable my pc and consentrate fully 😁.
    I have played some great players that have just hammered me, but I have been grinding out wins in the close games, only 1 easy win 🥵
  • Ruprecht
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    Stopped at 14-5. Gameplay has been good all weekend for me, played friday afternoon, yesterday afternoon and this morning. Never done that before, usually play in the nights.

    De Bruyne and Mahrez have been the stand outs, finally got De Bruyne on full chem and hes been a different player.
  • mypetfrog
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    Eventually scraped G3, not much fun. Gave wins away in my last 2 games as wasn't going to make G2 anyway.

    Glad it's over.
  • oasishunter
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    3 times disconnect, currently 13-14, last time i finished gold 2 this weekend happens wierd things, like this
  • gregsii
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    Was on 4-2 now 11-2.
    I played 6 this morning and gameplay was lovely. The 11th game was lovely until half time and then it went to the dogs.
    I won in extra time so you can imagine the game was just a mess. Slow passes, awful ball control, terrible shots, players unable to turn or slow down because there is a sheet of ice underneath them.
    Don't think I'll play anymore today until much later tonight as that last game was just not fun.
  • alvchong
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    My Friday and Saturday were all button delay with 4-11. Sunday game play back to normal. Finished at 14-13. This prove game play decide our result. Just don't take it too serious.
  • Jonss
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    Started 7-2, ended 12-17. Worst finish i had in a long time. Had dc 6 times, every dc came in second half when i was leading... Seems like there is new glitch that causes opponent to dc. This stupid game keeps screwing me week after week.
  • Al_HFX
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    G3, gifted 2 wins.
  • 17-8. I'll try for gold 1 JUST because Atal keeps me coming back. He's so good
  • TW1103
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    8-4 right now. Lost my previous game to a mechanic abuser. 4 shots in the game to my 16. He beat me on penalties after a 4-4 draw
  • Hammer316
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    The delay is so bad, if it wasn't the last decent rewards I'd stop at 14 but 17 wins is definitely worth it. Passes just going random players and skill moves not registering. It's awful.
  • danielallen1410
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    Second weekend league I’ve done having only started playing this years FIFA a month ago

    Last week I finished 13-17

    This week I’m currently on 8-13

    Hoping I scrape silver 1.

    I’ve had a terrible weekend defensively, I’ve conceded so many goals through the middle, just can’t stop it.
  • shepj6
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    Jonss wrote: »
    Started 7-2, ended 12-17. Worst finish i had in a long time. Had dc 6 times, every dc came in second half when i was leading... Seems like there is new glitch that causes opponent to dc. This stupid game keeps screwing me week after week.

    To be fair I've had it both ways this weekend, 6 disconnects in total (so far), 4 saying I'd lost connection to the EA Servers when I was winning/drawing, which I got the loss for and 2 where I was losing and I lost connection to my opponent but I didn't get a loss (so assuming they lost connection to the servers and got the loss - probably thought was cheating). So definitely some sort of server glitch going on but not don't think it's anyone using a disconnection glitch (on PC anyway, dunno about consoles)
  • Moggo77
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    Gold 3 as normal. Had 3 games left so was gonna go for G2 but disconnected on the first game while I was winning 3-0 and got the loss so gifted the last 2 games.
  • Amargaladaster26
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    14-3, I am gonna stop probably, delay is way too bad for me to bother and try to win three more games.
  • Aspas10
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    Mixed bag; 12-11.
    Only been hammered in 2. Beating the majority of close matches but losing to people I should beat but my finishing has let me down
    250 posts Sunday League Hero
    18-5. In a ideal world I could push for elite 3, but got 18-3 last week and didn't reach it. Is it best to play late today or it doesn't matter?
  • Wurrsmycash
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    Glad I'm not stressed about it this weekend. Just lost a game I was leading 5-1 to 6-7 :D

    Absolute comedy :D
  • Royalwhite
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    Awful at 1-8 among which there were two disconnects from EA servers resulting on a loss to me , and two 90th minute losses , combined with disastrous playing conditions throughout had me stopping there with 21 games to go . Just not worth it !
  • Edge01
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    G3. Had 1 spare game that I would usually gift but wanted to try my best players in 1 team even though it made me be on 56 chemistry and even though I lost it didn't feel much different that 100 chemistry, so not sure there is much in it when you have better players.
  • Mogga
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    Spent yesterday doing a few trails on my mountain bike.

    Spent today at the beach.

    Much better weekend 👍
  • TW1103
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    No loss glitched whilst winning comfortably ffs
  • I normally finish Gold 3/Gold 2, but this weekend I’ll struggle to get near that. Matchups have been really bad for some reason, my players arnt reacting to simple tap ins, through balls not working, passes going to players l haven’t passed too, conceded at least 1 rebound goal in EVERY game, had to watch sooooo many goal celebrations/goal replays to the very end. Conceded so many sweaty goals, and generally fed up of everyone playing the same way with the players using the same tactics.Not sure what the recent update did, but this has been my worst WL that l remember. If it’s the same next weekend l won’t bother with WL for the rest of fifa 20
  • Karim-Denz
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    TW1103 wrote: »
    No loss glitched whilst winning comfortably ffs

    Me too. Have it on Video

    Look at this little sht
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