Where to play Messi in a 442?..

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Which position is best for him in this formation? I was thinking maybe ST at a false 9 but not sure if it was a good idea.

Any suggestions?


  • AznSW
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    Striker only position he can play
  • TTGM
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    AznSW wrote: »
    Striker only position he can play

    I also have the new mertens and suarez, would you put mertens out wide?
  • CustardHippo
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    I play 4321, Messi RF, Mertens LF, Benzema ST. Would feel both Messi and Mertens wasted out wide and prefer them all in the attack than in midfield somewhere.
  • Lackosweat
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    Or just play 4411 with Messi at CF. I think he will be better at CF than at ST with F9 instructions.
  • Kove
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    Striker with a more physical partner. He gets lost at RM. Don't use him at CM.
  • Jonboyparker
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    Depending on you team I guess. I use Toty Messi at RM but I have better players as Strikers. He’s probably wasted out wide but I have a stacked team

    I do abuse RB player recall and use him more as playmaker out wide though. He doesn’t Score many as the others because of how I use him but he can cut in and hit some crackers. He won’t make the runs other wingers will make
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  • limjitwe
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    RM is ok for him but I prefer left striker
  • Realist
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    At this stage of the game if it’s the nif then stick him RM. if it’s 96 or above then RST in that formation. Depends on who your other strikers are tho.
  • Wooly1203
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    Definitely striker in 442. He was best for me at striker, and also very good as cam in formations that use them. Felt wasted out wide. I’ve only used the NIF so I can’t speak for his other versions though
  • Bobo23
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    Right ST in a 442 for Messi, cut inside and finesse all day long!
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