Gj guys!

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How you managed to destroy every bit of this game in a span of 3 years is a spectacle.

Also where did you pass math? Who gave you a passing grade? Since when DEPLETED rare gold varane can catch TOTS(TOTSSF xD) adama who just came in, In 88th min? How can this be possible?

Im playing against legacy defending every other game. I was blaming myself for long time, but became suspicious, how come im not getting better in this game after all this time, and hours invested into it? Im not for two main reason. Lag and delay are making every single game unique. Its like in real life, you did it guys! Well done! You made a simulation! But in your simulation some of the best players should not be best, hmmm...
Messi cant miss a goal inside a 16m box so often. He cant be one of the best in the world if he misses these chances... He most certanly does not miss like that in RL. So is not a simulation, at least not a simulation of our reality. :)

This game is so bad that even after a win im mad for some situations i saw in this game. So im not playing this so called AAA game anymore. Line is drawn, but dont worry. Next year will come some new kids will stumble on fifa 21 so youre good.

There is so many things wrong with this game that this is tragic. Complete garbage and the waste of time.


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    Yep, everyone hates EA and wishes them the worst things. They just deserve it.

    The problem is, ppl need to stop wasting money on points, otherwise it wont change anything the next years.
    Only when EA realize, oh our profit is going to melt down, then they are goint to change something.

    Everything what is bad about this trash random Game can be found on youtube. I dont get it, ppl realize, how ea treat them, and they still give this backward Company money?? Sense?
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