Ea access is going to be on steam.

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The first wave of ea titles are on steam again. It says that ea access will be coming soon. Will you be able to get fifa in that bundle? What is the difference between ea access and origin premiere?

With these and Xbox game pass might drop consoles altogether.


  • RadioShaq
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    After doing some more digging looks like ea access is just the basic version of origin access right?

    I guess I don’t really see the point in picking it on steam over origin then. Premiere would probably be better and doubt they will offer that on steam or what would be the point of origin. I mean I suppose it’s good you can still buy the games on steam and hopefully they offer fifa on the next wave.
  • baerentoeterR
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    It doesnt matter which Plattform. The Game will be on every Plattform pure trash and pure random by itself like it is since FIFA 18.

    Same Staff = Same Garbitch.
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