Totssf payet ???

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Any good as forward??


  • RoosterBlue
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    I've used him as LCAM, LM and ST (false 9).
    I like him, he's not quick, but great dribbling, great finesse shooting and very good passing.
  • CustardHippo
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    He looks like a pretty good LF if you play 3421/4321, or if you can move him to CAM he looks a bit better. I am not sure he would work so well as a LW and might be somewhat wasted out wide.
  • Hubbabubba
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    Good thing i noticed this thread. Would probably have missed the sbc without it.
    He fits perfect in my french/Buli hybrid.
  • abhreebhu_45
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    Did him,, looks ok,, n allows my la liga/ligue1 hybrid
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