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  • Amargaladaster26
    10718 posts Has That Special Something
    Started 6, went to 3 in November, then back to 5 in December, didn’t play for 3 months, after return in March I was mainly in 4, now back to 3 this week, ~1600 now.
  • CosmicFuzz
    839 posts Semi-Pro
    I've been in 6 all year, sometimes get to 5 briefly or drop to 7 because of objectives but 6 seems to be my level
  • Hitb1404
    298 posts Sunday League Hero
    Regular G1 in WL but never managed to get E3, never managed to get to div 2 also.
  • Mogga
    2903 posts National Call-Up
    div 6. been 1 win away from 5 loads of times but i then surprisingly hit a massive losing run and nearly end up getting relegated before the cycle repeats itself
  • mr_flibble
    802 posts Semi-Pro
    Just got relegated with the recent objectives, should hopefully get back to 5 for tomorrow. Normally sit mid div 5 with the occasional run in div 4.

    Was in div 3/4 during the first few months while we were all learning the game and before everyone started playing the same META.
  • Mackie17
    8565 posts League Winner
    It's a nightmare getting back to 5 after objectives. The last game always ends up being against a mad meta god squad 😂
  • Embrared
    964 posts Semi-Pro
    The games are enjoyable and, with the exception of the odd hammering, usually very close. You can forget about completing any of the season objectives though.
  • graff
    85 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    Was up to 7 earlier in year but lost interest with the self regulators
  • Hubbabubba
    445 posts Sunday League Hero
    Fell down here from 5th while doing swaps and now i only play enough to get rank 3.
    All enjoyment has been sucked out from this mode.
    It's either big wins or big losses and full of toxic players.
  • DeOuweDibbes
    597 posts An Exciting Prospect
    I win and lose equally. Still 7. 😂
  • PelzyWelzy
    10626 posts Has That Special Something
    Seleukos wrote: »
    Switching between 1500-1750.

  • Staxdoobie
    2426 posts Fans' Favourite
    Spent the last few weeks in Div 9 thanks to getting smashed by relegators during Icon Swaps etc. Struggled to get out for the longest time, but I think I’m back to somewhere near where I should be now.

    It’s a hellish mode when people exploit the system to their advantage. People will always do that; it’s up to EA to think of a way around it. Whether they’ll bother remains to be seen.
  • BeastlyHusla
    7636 posts League Winner
    I'm in div 4 but I quit 2months ago. With how far back my team is.. I should be in div 6
  • alvchong
    1784 posts Play-Off Hero
    sound like not many at division 8,9.... how come there was so many thread complaining?
    I will have to work hard to get back to 6, 5....
  • Skywalker XVII
    370 posts Sunday League Hero
    Based on this it seems div 5 or 6 is the place to be.
    Often struggle to find games in div 4 so gonna try and get to div 5 tonight and see if its better.
  • ASX
    3538 posts National Call-Up

    Popped up to div4 briefly this year and down to div6 many times after spending the first few months in div7 and div8 now comfortably div5
  • alvchong
    1784 posts Play-Off Hero
    i was in division 5,6 before TOTSSF. Just that after getting done my objective, i ended up stuck at division 8, 7....
    can't win enough to get back. is always win 3, loss 3,d win 2 loss 2.... back to where i started. Is either my high stats card not working or everyone just get so improved and the same skill as average player.
  • Mogga
    2903 posts National Call-Up
    Once a few more sign up for division 5 and 6 we should have a tournament

    The " Cup of Mediocrity "

    Who really is the best of the Avergage !!!
  • number7rocky
    7519 posts League Winner
    Was D1, then gave up with that 5/6 weeks back
  • Gromit
    4865 posts Big Money Move
    Currently 8

    I believe my "True" divison as per my skill level is 5, but with EA dropping 2 or 3 objective players per week along with Icon Swaps and other tasks to gain XP to complete the storyline players its impossible (for me at least) to maintain your division.

    I've just finished Gueye this morning and again it probably cost me 10 losses needing goals and assists with midfielders, ignoring your striker to try and get them as well as in my case playing FB Di Maria on 3 chem as a LM at striker.
  • MaddMike3711
    12945 posts Has That Special Something
    Stupid Icon Swaps. :D

    Slowly grinding my way back up though. :)
  • Bobo23
    3847 posts National Call-Up
    Pretty much been in D1 all year, with just the occasional dips in results dropping me to D2 for a few games.
  • PiotrLolo
    2828 posts Fans' Favourite
    edited June 2020
    I'm in 5 right now but I voted 6. I'm there almost every week. Div 5 is just something that happens for a short while. Already got relegated to div 6 and advanced to div 5 twice since Thursday. I'll be back to Div 6 before this season ends, too much games to play left (objectives). I'm jumping between 800-1100.
  • GariverSt
    189 posts Has Potential To Be Special
    I've had the game since the beginning of lockdown (late March). Back and forward between division 9 & 10.

    I've found it tougher than previous years - a bit disappointing. Maybe I'm past my prime.
  • Rajarshi_CFC
    908 posts Professional
    Div 3
  • Bluee78
    51 posts Park Captain
    Used to be in 5 but other people intentionally relegating to do objectives means I've been falling for a long time. God squads with icons and fut champs tots players in div 7 ruins it for me, hence why I very rarely play anymore
  • LahmChops
    2019 posts Fans' Favourite
    Not really by choice. Try hards are keeping me down here.
  • aladdin
    2842 posts Fans' Favourite
    Bluee78 wrote: »
    Used to be in 5 but other people intentionally relegating to do objectives means I've been falling for a long time. God squads with icons and fut champs tots players in div 7 ruins it for me, hence why I very rarely play anymore

    this is me too. played a bit today and it was absolute carnage. everyone is so very good
  • NucksNation
    4341 posts National Call-Up
    So I’m in 7..
    played two back to back games against people that had gold loan players, they were ❤️❤️❤️❤️ and beat them 7-0 and 5-0.. I stopped scoring and even tried to let them score but he didn’t know how to shoot.
    Both teams started may 2020 and other Jun2020. Now, there’s no way those people were div7 with those teams or the way they played.
    Didn’t ask the first guy thought he might be doing obj but 2nd guy I tried messaging to ask but his was turned off

    I’m thinking there isn’t a skill/ div match making, its random.
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